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Bulletin 9, Week 19, Semester 1,



公告9,第19周,第1期,2018 -19


Dear primary school parents and families,


Our primary school students have come back from their Christmas holidays bright and eager and as we enter into a new calendar year, we draw towards the close of our first semester. Moreover, it is important that our students finish this academic semester strongly so that they can achieve results they can be proud of. If you do not know already, our end of semester English, Chinese and mathematics examinations are scheduled for next Wednesday the 9th of January. Therefore, teachers and students from all subject areas have been busy revising the key concepts learnt this term. Looking back, it is amazing to see all the content which has already been covered this term. Whether this be increased meticulousness in mathematical problem solving, improvement in writing Chinese characters, increased confidence in speaking English or being able to shoot a 3 pointer in basketball; Haileybury’s goal is to develop well rounded international students who can function effectively in our rapidly changing global milieu.  All teachers have worked hard this semester and I am confident to say that your English teachers have also worked tirelessly and caringly to provide our students with multitudinous English learning opportunities this semester. On top of their normal English teaching duties, they have also prepared weekly English tests, made weekend homework, supported English festivals and performances, developed lasting relationships with our students and provided remedial classes to struggling students. Although many of our English teachers aren’t fluent in Chinese, they have nonetheless worked patiently and diligently since day one.


This year we have six full-time international teachers in our primary school English teaching team. We have already introduced five of our international primary school teachers and today we will introduce our last member - Mr. Fang. Mr. Fang is a qualified VCE English and EAL teacher and currently teaches year 4 and 6 English as well as basketball to students in upper primary. Mr. Fang was born in Taiwan but at the age of 3, his family migrated to Australia. He has lived in Australia for 25 years. In his formative years, Mr. Fang attended Swanbourne Primary and then in his high school years, he attended Christ Church Grammar School - an elite private all boys high school in Perth, Australia. After scoring well in his WACE (VCE equivalent) exams, Mr. Fang went on to attend the University of Western Australia (a group of eight university) where he earnt a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education degree (Secondary) majoring in English, history and ESL. He then went on to complete a Master’s in Education at Curtin University and a Graduate Diploma of Education (Primary) at Deakin university. Furthermore, with his interest in Christian theology, he completed a Bachelor of Ministry (Hons.) degree at The Reformed Theological College in Geelong. After working at Wongan Hills District High School in Western Australia as a SOSE and English teacher and as an English teacher at the Australian College of English, he was offered a position to come to Haileybury Tianjin in August 2014. This is now his 5th year at Haileybury and since his arrival, he has taught English to years 1,3,4,6,7,8,9 and 10. He has also taught middle school science and coached our senior boys’ varsity basketball team during his tenure here. This year is his second year as a primary school English coordinator. With his cultural background and his proficiencies in English and Mandarin, he has been able to understand the difficulties Chinese learners of English face. Pedagogically speaking, Mr. Fang’s education disposition principally focuses on imparting meaning to his students. Once his students understand what is being taught, he then moves on with modelling, exercises, application and repetition to move concepts from short term to long-term memory. He believes in the importance of relationships and a sense of humour but also in rules, homework and weekly tests in teaching and learning. Mr. Fang is happy to be at Haileybury and looks forward to another exciting and successful year of teaching and learning with his students. 

今年我们的小学英语教学团队共有六名全职国际教师。我们已经介绍了其中五位国际小学教师,今天我们将介绍我们的最后一位成员方先生。方先生是一名有资质的VCE英语母语和英语第二语言(EAL)教师,目前在小学教授4年级和6年级的英语课以及篮球课。方先生出生在台湾,但3岁时,他随家人移居澳大利亚。他在澳大利亚共生活了25年。在他的成长历程中,他曾就读于斯旺伯恩小学,然后在高中时,他就读于基督教堂文法学校——澳大利亚珀斯一所精英私立全男孩高中。在WACE(相当于VCE)考试中取得了优异成绩后,方老师继续就读于西澳大利亚大学(澳洲著名八所大学之一),在那里他获得了文学学士学位和教育学士学位(高中),他主修了英语、历史和英语第二语言。随后,他在柯廷大学获得了教育硕士学位,和在迪肯大学获得了教育硕士文凭(小学)。此外,由于他对基督教神学的兴趣,他也在澳洲基隆的改革神学学院获得了牧师学士(荣誉)学位。随后,他在西澳大利亚的Wongan Hills高中教授社会和英语,并在澳大利亚英语学院担任英语教师,2014年8月,他被邀请来到天津的黑利伯瑞国际学校。今年是他在黑利伯瑞的第五年,自从他来到这里,他已经教授了1、3、4、6、7、8、9和10年级的英语。他还在这里教授中学科学,并当过我们学校高中男生代表队的篮球主教练。今年也是他作为小学英语协调员的第二年。他有多样的文化背景,并精通英语和汉话,他能够更好地理解中国英语学习者所面临的真实困难。从教育学的角度来说,方老师的教育理念主要集中在传递意思上。一旦他的学生理解了所教的内容,他就继续进行模拟、练习、应用和重复,将短期记忆转为长期记忆。他相信人际关系和幽默感的重要性,但同时也相信教学规则、家庭作业和每周测试的重要性。方老师很高兴来到黑利伯瑞,并期待着与他的学生们一起度过令人兴奋的和成功的教学生活。

Directly after the Christmas show on the 22nd of December, our primary school parents were invited to have lunch together with our staff and students. Each of our parents brought a dish to share and this resulted in a scrumptious feast in each of our classes. Like last year, many parents brought dumplings. This year special dumplings made from multi-coloured dumpling skins made special appearances in our classrooms. These, I was told, have additional nutritional value as compared to normal dumplings made from plain dumpling skins. In addition to this, Chinese and Western delicacies such as chicken wings, sashimi, salads, sushi, sandwiches, turkey, rolls, various drinks, cakes, breads, pies, yoghurts and various meat cuts were also brought and enjoyed. The lunch was an excellent opportunity for our parents to talk informally with our teachers. Our parents were also able to mingle and network with each other. Santa Claus and his ‘brother’ made special appearances into each of the classes and handed out stockings filled with candy to each of our students.  In some classes, special parent and child bonding activities were held which promoted mutual understanding and attachment. The atmosphere of the morning was relaxed, and many cordial conversations were had between parents, staff and students. Our students enjoyed the great feast, and many were keen to introduce their parents to their teachers. Many thanks to all the primary school homeroom teachers and subject teachers for their hard work in organizing the event which like the Christmas show, has now also become an annual primary school tradition at Haileybury.


Lift up your hearts and Santa and his ‘brother‘ hope you have all been good this year!

William Fang (M.Ed, B.A/B.Ed, Grad Dip Ed. (Primary), B. Min (Hons.))

方士铨  (教育硕士,文学士/教育学士,教育研究生(小学), 神职学士(荣誉学士学位))

English Curriculum Coordinator - Primary School (Upper Primary)

Haileybury Tianjin International School