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Bulletin 6, Week 12, Semester 1, 2017-18


公告6,第12周,第1学期,2017 -18

Dear primary school parents and families,


It has been another eventful and action-packed two weeks at the primary school in Tianjin. Following the mid-semester exams, students have since started a new term of learning and it is great to see students engaging in their studies with the same level of rigor and intent as they had when they first started the academic year. This month is core subject competency month and teachers are working hard to improve outcomes across all subject areas. For example, English teachers are now focused on preparing students for the Cambridge Young Learners of English Exams. Students in years two, four and six will be undertaking standardized Cambridge tests next year. These tests are similar to Australia’s NAPLAN as they help to benchmark students according to an internationally recognized English as a second language framework (Common European Framework). English teachers are using in-class activities such as worksheets as well as out of class activities such as vocabulary competitions to improve English outcomes.


As is now a Haileybury Tianjin custom, the primary school held another English competition at assembly on the morning of the 10th of November. This time, the two year 6 classes (6A and 6B) battled it out against each other to see whose English vocabulary was the best. An elimination structure was set up with one student from each class facing off against the other. The winner of each dual continued on but the loser left the competition. In the first round, students had to translate words from English to Chinese and after 40 electrifying duals, Sakura, our primary school captain was able to eliminate Jack who was the last student from 6A. In the second round, students had to translate words from Chinese into English. This is usually harder for our students and again it was great to see the intense but respectful rivalries between the two classes. In the end, 6B came out on top again and Sakura accepted a certificate on behalf of her class detailing her class’ victory.

黑利伯瑞小学部现在形成了一种习惯,小学部在11月10日上午的英语集会上举行了另一场英文竞赛。这一次,六年级 (6A和6B) 的两个班级学生互相竞争,看谁的英语词汇掌握是最好的。每个班的一名学生与另一个班级的学生抢答,使用淘汰制。每场比赛的胜者留在赛场,而失败者离开比赛舞台。在第一轮中,学生们需要将英语单词翻译成汉语,在40组词之后,我们的小学队长Sakura战胜了6A班的最后一名队员Jack。在第二轮中,学生们需要将汉语中的词语翻译成英语。这对我们的学生来说通常是比较困难的,但是我们很高兴看到了两个班级之间激烈而又相互尊重的竞争。最后,6B班获得胜利,队长Sakura代表她的班级上台领奖。

A parent-teacher meeting and a music concert were also held in the afternoon of the 10th of November. Similar to how parent-teacher meetings are conducted in Australia, parents were invited to speak to their homeroom teachers as well as their core subject teachers concerning the progress of their children. With the mid-semester exams and half of the semester completed, teachers were able to holistically convey to parents the progress of their children. After a stimulating three and a half hours, it was great to see smiles illuminating from staff and parents. The smiles reflected parental satisfaction with the progress of their children as well as their trust and support of the school. Students had the luxury of listening to a music concert while the meetings were occurring and performing students demonstrated musical competence across a range of instruments. Piano, drums, African drums, the accordion and the Chinese GuZheng were just some of the many instruments being professionally played by our talented students on the day. On the 17th of November, a life skills competition for primary students was also held by dormitory staff. Students not only had to know the theory behind various life skills such as folding beds, brushing teeth, dressing up and personal hygiene but they also had to put these theories into practice. Congratulations to those students who exhibited excellent cleanliness, tidiness, organisation and hygiene on the day.


As mentioned in the last entry, five Monash university students have arrived at our primary school. They will be here for a total of three weeks and will undertake various tasks and responsibilities such as helping out with our sports program as well as complimenting their mentor teachers. In the first week, they have been taking notes and observing their mentor teachers and in the second and third weeks, they will help students through the guidance of their mentor teachers. Again, we wish them every success in what will no doubt be both an eye-opening but also a meaningful experience for them.


Lastly, the primary school together with the middle school visited two Tianjin museums on the 16th of November. We visited the science museum first and saw many amazing exhibitions such as dinosaurs, kangaroos, penguins, lions and birds. For many children, this was the first time at the Tianjin science museum and it was no doubt an eye-opening experience for them. At around noon, students ate their packed lunched before walking to the historical and cultural museum not far away. There, the students witnessed the rich history of Tianjin and saw many historical photographs of old Tianjin. Students saw the unique heritage of Tianjin and learnt much about China’s past. Overall it was a wonderful excursion with students learning more about the world around them as well as Tianjin’s colourful history. The good behaviour and good manners of the primary school students has become the brand of the primary school.


At Haileybury, every child matters, every day.


William Fang (M.Ed, B.A/B.Ed, B.Min (Hons), Grad Dip Ed. (Primary))

方士铨 (教育硕士,文学士/教育学士,基督教神学(荣誉学士学位),教育研究生(小学)

English Program Coordinator - Primary School

Haileybury Tianjin International School





Ms. Sickels talking to a parent with the help of a translator at the parent-teacher meeting



Anna, a year 6B student assisting at the parent-teacher meeting


Haileybury Primary School Music Concert


Haileybury Year 6 Cambridge Vocabulary Contest


Monash student teachers standing with their mentor teachers



Our primary school students at the science and cultural museums of Tianjin