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Bulletin 7, Week 14, Semester 1, 2017-18


公告7,第14周,第1学期,2017 -18

Dear primary school parents and families,



It has been another busy and exciting two weeks at the primary school in Tianjin. November has been core subject competency month and teachers have been working hard to improve outcomes across all subject areas. English teachers have been focused on improving the vocabulary and grammatical outcomes of students. On the morning of Friday the 24th of November, the primary school held another vocabulary competition. Vocabulary retention is an important part of learning any language and this time, 2A and 2E competed against each other in a sizzling contest. The format followed the same elimination structure as before and it was a close contest with both rounds decided by the last duel in each round. In the end, 2A emerged victorious. Congratulations must go to Ms. Jiang and her 2A class for their diligence and their hard work in learning over 120 words prior to the competition. Many thanks also to their English teachers – Ms. Erickson and Mr. Williamson who supported and assisted both classes.

忙碌而快乐的两周结束了。11月是学部学科核心素养展示月,所有教师都致力于挖掘孩子学科知识之外的思维和技能,并以综合实践的形式呈现教育成果。英语项目组致力于提高学生的词汇量和语法效果,从而形成语言习惯和思维。11月24日,周五的清晨,小学举办了又一场知识为导向的英语学科竞赛,2年级的英语词汇大赛。这次跟以前一样采用了相同的淘汰赛机制。这是一场势均力敌的比赛,两轮比赛的胜负都是由最后一次的比拼中才决定的。最后,2A班取得了胜利。祝贺姜老师和她的2A班学生们。他们在比赛前学习了超过120个单词。再次感谢他们的英语老师——Ms. Erickson和Mr. Williamson为此次活动做出的努力。

On the 23rd of November, students celebrated Thanksgiving with the help of older students from the GaoKao department who hosted the event. Thanksgiving occurs on the fourth Thursday of every November in the United States and it is a time when people reflect and give thanks to others. During Thanksgiving, students thanked their parents, teachers, peers, the school and many others for the help they had received. Students wrote Thanksgiving cards in recognition of the help others have given. Traditionally, a turkey is eaten at dinner during Thanksgiving however this was substituted with a fruit platter and a large cake which was likewise enjoyed by our students. This was our first Thanksgiving celebration at our primary school and it is safe to say that it was a great success as many students were filled with gratitude and glee. We often take for granted the many things we have been given so Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect and thank others for what they have done for us.


On the afternoon of the 24th of November, the Maths department held a special event known as Haileyshop. November has been core subject competency month and Maths teachers have also been focused on improving Mathematical outcomes. Given that learning is not restricted to what is inside a textbook, Ms. Sun, the head of our Maths department designed a real-life commercial environment where students had to apply mathematical concepts learnt in class. Students were asked to bring in items to sell to other students but before this could happen, they had to name their own shops, market their own items, apply for a seller’s licence, work in teams and understand the basics of consumer economics. Activities were arranged according to the age and mathematical ability of the students. For example, older students were given harder tasks such as having to sell for an extra 50 cents. This resulted in more complex calculations. It was an action-packed afternoon and the primary school building seemed more like a market place than a school! Many thanks to Ms. Sun and her team for hosting such a fun yet educational event.


On the afternoon of the 1st of December, the Chinese department held a Chinese poem recitation and reading show. The occasion demonstrated the excellent reading and recitation skills of our primary aged students as well as their extensive understanding of Chinese culture and history. Many Chinese poems from different eras were read. Moreover, these were read with clarity, precision and flair. Congratulations to all students who participated in this special event and many thanks to the Chinese department for hosting such a rich and meaningful event. In the 21st century, Chinese is becoming more and more important as it is superseding English in many areas of life. Students who are proficient in Chinese will have a strong advantage as they compete against others in the global village for employment and opportunities.


Lastly, 5 Monash university students have just completed their teaching placements at our primary school. Four of the students were allocated to the English department in the primary school while one of the students did his teaching practicum in the primary school’s maths department. The students assisted their mentor teachers in the classroom in a myriad of ways such as helping with the classroom management of students, marking homework, translation, tutoring students and enforcing neat student handwriting. Together with the support of their mentor, they also wrote lesson plans and practiced their teaching techniques and methods. They have been a valuable resource to staff and students. They have no doubt also learnt a lot through their three weeks here. We wish them every success in their future as they continue to learn and fine tune their teaching practice.


At Haileybury, every child matters, every day.




William Fang (M.Ed, B.A/B.Ed, B.Min (Hons), Grad Dip Ed. (Primary))

方士铨 (教育硕士,文学士/教育学士,基督教神学(荣誉学士学位),教育研究生(小学)


English Program Coordinator - Primary School

Haileybury Tianjin International School






Year two vocabulary competition assisted by the international teachers


Haileyshop 2017 – students applied mathematical concepts in a commercial environment


Thanksgiving 2017 – Assisted by Gaokao students


5 Monash student teachers from Melbourne have just completed their teaching practicums at our school