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Bulletin 8, Week 16, Semester 1, 2017-18


公告8,第16周,第1学期,2017 -18

Dear primary school parents and families,



It has been another eventful and thrilling two weeks at the primary school in Tianjin. Attaining English proficiency for the purpose of completing the Australian VCE program is the overarching goal at Haileybury. Consequently, the goal of the Haileybury primary school English program is to build solid foundations in reading, writing, speaking, listening, spelling and handwriting. The Cambridge Young Learners English (YLE) program has been adopted this year and is a trusted, reputable and pedagogically sound curriculum which is used around the world by millions of ESL students. Over 20,000 institutions around the world trust the Cambridge suite of exams. Cambridge’s Interchange and Kid’s Box textbooks have been chosen this year and have formed the crux of our English program. In addition to the Cambridge program of learning, the Haileybury primary school English program also incorporates Raz Reading as well as Jolly Phonics/THRASS. With the focus in the primary school in December being on promoting English competency and achieving the designated English outcomes across all year levels, our teachers are working hard to improve the English of our students.


On the morning of Friday the 8th of December, the primary school held another vocabulary competition. Vocabulary retention is an important part of learning any language and this time, year 4 and 5B competed against each other in another exhilarating contest. Students were given 3 weeks to learn around 120 words. The format followed the same elimination structure as before and the performance of the students from both classes did not disappoint. Many students and staff were impressed by the lightning fast English vocabulary recall of the students. In the end, year 4 emerged victorious. Congratulations must go to Mr. Xu and his year 4 class for their diligence and their hard work in learning over 120 words prior to the competition. Congratulations also to their English teachers – Ms. Sickels and Mr. Fang who supported and assisted in the learning of the words. 

12月8日星期五的早晨,小学部举行了另一场词汇比赛。词汇学习是学习任何语言的一个重要组成部分。这一次,比赛在4年级和5B班展开。此次竞赛非常激烈。学生们经过三周学习了120个单词。比赛形式跟之前相同,两班学生的表现都没有让人失望。许多老师和同学对参赛同学快速的英语词汇记忆能力印象深刻。最后,4年级取得了胜利。祝贺徐老师和他的四年级的同学们!他们的勤奋和刻苦学习使他们在比赛前记住了120个单词。也祝贺他们的英语老师— Ms. Sickels和Mr. Fang支持并协助他们学习单词。


 On the morning of Friday the 8th of December, Mr. Zhao, a high ranking public official came to our school to give a talk to our primary aged children about bus safety. Safety is something that we take very seriously at Haileybury. Fire drills, life skill talks, anti-bullying messages, pool safety, internet and social media discussions are some of the many actions and steps which have been taken in the primary school this semester for the purpose of promoting safety. Mr. Zhao stressed the importance of following government protocols with regard to travelling on a bus. In addition to this, students also enjoyed applying these rules into real-life situations. Students cemented the theories of bus safety by applying them on a real student bus! Haileybury takes seriously the safety needs of everyone at our school. Through these regular talks and demonstrations, we continue to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone at our school. 


Lastly, it is my honour to announce that a new reading initiative has started at our school. Reading is an integral part of literacy development but teachers may not have the time to listen to every child read on top of their already busy schedules. After discussion with international principal - Robert Erwin, the head of English - Cheryl Mckenna and head of primary school- Vivian Jia, it was decided that a ‘Buddy’ reading program be implemented during senior school activity time on Tuesdays and Thursdays this semester. To increase effectiveness, it was decided that a good mentor to student ratio would be 1:2. This type of activity is very common in Australia where older students help younger students with their reading. For the older students, it is a type of community service rendered to another and despite there being no monetary incentives or rewards given, the older students leave knowing that their altruism has helped another person.  It goes without mentioning that the younger students are helped with their reading through the intensive help given. Many senior school students spent their afternoons on the 7th, 12th and 14th of December helping our students with their reading. The senior school students read leveled guided readers to the youngsters and corrected pronunciation mistakes. Overall, it was a great success and it was pleasing to see so many senior school students sacrificing their time to help the youngsters. The school has already prepared more guided reading books to support this reading program which will no doubt improve the primary school's curriculum.

最后,我很荣幸地宣布,学校开始了一项新的阅读计划。阅读是读写能力发展的一个重要组成部分。在与国际校长罗伯特先生进行了讨论之后,我校英语项目负责人Cheryl Mckenna老师和小学部贾主任决定在每周的周二和周四,与国际高中部的优秀学生共同开展“伙伴英语阅读”活动。为了提高效率,我们的“高中学生老师”与我们小学生的师生比例是1:2。这种高年级学生帮助低年级学生阅读类型的活动在澳大利亚非常普遍。对高年级学生来说,这是一种义工服务,学校提供一个平台帮助他们实现个人价值。毋庸置疑,这些低年级的同学们在“高中学生老师们”的真诚帮助下,比在课堂收获的更多。许多高中生在12月7日下午帮助30位来自一年级的学生阅读。“高中学生老师们”帮助一年级同学们阅读了英语分级语物,并纠正了他们的发音。学校ESL项目负责人也参与到活动中,亲自指导这项活动的开展。这个活动很成功。很高兴看到这么多的高中生牺牲他们的时间来帮助他们的学弟学妹。学校为支持此项阅读互动,已经开始准备引进更多的图书,建立更加完善的阅读课程。


At Haileybury, every child matters, every day.



William Fang (M.Ed, B.A/B.Ed, B.Min (Hons), Grad Dip Ed. (Primary))

方士铨 (教育硕士,文学士/教育学士,教育研究生(小学)


English Program Coordinator - Primary School

Haileybury Tianjin International School





THRASS and Raz Reading – Two English programs that are being used in the primary school.


Jinny from year 4 accepted an award on behalf of her class from Ms. Jia.



Haileybury bus safety talk and demonstration 2017.



Haileybury buddy reading 2017 – A joint initiative between senior and primary school.


The Adventures of Biscuit – The guided reading book series read during the buddy program.


Children borrowing books from the library


Peer-study class