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Bulletin 9, Week 20, Semester 1, 2017-18


公告9,第20周,第1学期,2017 -18

Dear primary school parents and families,



Our primary school students have come back from their Christmas break bright and eager and as we enter a new calendar year, we are drawing towards the close of our first academic semester. Moreover, it is important for our students to finish this academic year strongly so that they can achieve results which they can be proud of. If you do not already know, our end of semester examinations have been set to start and finish next week. Therefore, this week, teachers and students from all subject areas have been busy revising key concepts learnt this term. Looking back, it is amazing to see all of the content which has already been covered this term. Whether this be improvement in the speed and accuracy of mathematical problem solving, enhancement in Chinese expository writing, increased confidence in English grammar, an extended vocabulary range or taking seconds off a 50-metre freestyle lap; Haileybury’s goal is to develop well rounded international students who can function effectively in our rapidly changing global milieu. 




This week, I would like to share with you five self-introductions that our five international primary school English teachers have written about themselves.  Although you may already know many things about your child’s English teachers, I am sure there also many aspects which you are not aware of. As the coordinator of the English program in the primary school, I am confident to say that your English teachers have worked tirelessly and caringly to provide our students with multitudinous English learning opportunities this semester. On top of their normal English teaching duties, they have also prepared weekly English tests, weekend homework, supported English festivals and performances, developed lasting relationships with our students and provided remedial classes to struggling students. Although most of our English teachers are not conversant in Chinese, they have nonetheless worked patiently and diligently since day one. What has touched me the most is that none of them have taken a single sick day off work this semester! Remarkable! So please enjoy reading the biographies of our terrific teachers! Finally, if this semester is any indication of the next, I am sure next semester will likewise be outstanding.






Kid’s Box   Teacher


Interchange/Phonics   Teacher



Mr. William   Fang

Mr. Joshua   Webb


Mr. Nathan   Williamson

Mr. Joshua   Webb


Ms. Nicole   Erickson

Mr. Nathan   Williamson


Ms. Nicole   Erickson

Mr. Nathan   Williamson


Ms. Sara   Sickels

Mr. Joshua   Webb


Ms. Sara   Sickels

Mr. William   Fang


Ms. Nicole   Erickson

Mr. Nathan   Williamson


Ms. Nicole   Erickson

Mr. Nathan   Williamson


Ms. Sara   Sickels

Mr. Joshua   Webb


Ms. Sara   Sickels

Mr. William   Fang


Name: Nicole Erickson


Education background: I went to school at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, in the United States. I finished school with a degree in General Elementary education. I am certified to teach years 1 to 8. I also have a degree in Special Education and am certified to teach years 1 to 12.

教育背景: 我在美国的威斯康辛大学欧克莱尔分校 (University of Wisconsin Eau Claire)获得中小学全科教育的学位。我拥有教授1到8年级的教育资格证,还获得了特殊教育的学位,并拥有教1到12年级的证书。

Previous teaching history: After eight practicum placements in University, I moved to Saudi Arabia and taught primary school for two years. My first year, I taught pre-school students and then taught year 1 for my second year. Both positions were homeroom teacher positions and I taught English, Maths, and Science.


Teaching philosophy: My teaching philosophy begins with the idea that all students can learn, and it is the responsibility of the teacher and school system to make sure that student needs are met through differentiated learning strategies. This ideology guides my classroom management and teaching strategies. I am constantly looking for ways to increase student engagement. Looking for differentiated means of instruction is one way to accomplish this. Through different media types - like videos, worksheets, audio, physical participation, etc. students can be exposed to a concept in multiple ways which allows the material to reach more students. Allowing students the opportunity to learn through differentiation gives students a better chance to succeed.


Strengths as a teacher: As a teacher, I believe that my strengths in the classroom lie in my dedication to the students. I am constantly thinking of ways to adjust the curriculum to best suit student needs, and therefore even if I am teaching two classes of the same grade level, they will not necessarily be the same because the students in the class are different. I also believe that a student-teacher relationship should be a personal one, and that connecting to students on an individual level will strengthen the classroom relationship and enhance student learning.


Goals you have for your classes: While I obviously have many goals for my students for this school year, I think the overall goal is simply to improve all students’ English skills. I would especially like for them to improve their English in all areas - spoken, written, reading and listening. However, if their English could improve in any of those areas, I would be pleased. Another goal I have for my students is for them to be able to use all the English vocabulary that we have learned. I would like for them to not memorize the vocabulary but be able to retain the words and meanings and be able to use them in their regular written or spoken English.


Closing remarks: I am excited to be working with my students this year and to experience my first year in China.


Name: Sara Sickels


Education background: I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Education from Minnesota State University – Mankato in December of 2010. I am a licensed teacher in the state of Minnesota, qualified to teach Year K-6 as well as middle school English/Language Arts for Year 5-8. As I grew up with a love of dance, I also hold a minor in dance.


Previous teaching history: I began my education career in Autumn 2011, as a Special Education para-professional at a small community school in Northfield, MN. I then took a huge leap and moved halfway around the world to teach English in South Korea in the Summer of 2012. I spent four years teaching at various schools, ranging from Pre-K to middle school, public schools to private schools. I loved my teaching there but it was time to move on. South Korea led me to China! I have been teaching English at Haileybury International School since August 2016. This is my second year at HIST!


Teaching philosophy: I believe in progressive education, where students learn hands-on and through real life experiences.  I strive to create a teaching environment that requires teamwork, critical thinking, creativity and the ability to work independently. The students come first in the classroom and I will always teach to their needs at that given time. I teach in a way that instills a love of learning in students, that makes school a part of their life. We are all life-long learners, and school is only part of the puzzle.


Strengths as a teacher: Through working abroad with English language learners for many years, I have learned a lot about the difficulties students face in learning a second language. I can easily modify lessons based on student level, as well as implement different teaching methods to teach various lessons. As a teacher, I don’t like to be boring. I always bring a lot of energy to the classroom, regardless of how little coffee I’ve had that day! I am upbeat, positive, and always very patient. I’m creative, open-minded, and love to challenge my students to do their very best.

作为教师的优势:通过在国外和英语学习者一起工作多年,我了解到很多学生在学习第二语言时所面临的困难。我可以很容易地根据学生的水平来调整课程,也可以实施不同的教学方法来教授不同的课程。作为一名教师,我不喜欢枯燥乏味。我总是给教室带来很多能量,不管我那天喝了多少咖啡! 我很乐观,积极,而且总是很有耐心。我很有创意,思想开放,喜欢挑战我的学生,让他们尽自己最大的努力。

Goals you have for your classes: My main goal with all my students, no matter their age, is to have fun and to be able to apply the English ‘lessons’ to their own lives. I try to twist every lesson, no matter how rigid and boring the textbook may be, so the students are able to contribute their own ideas and put the lesson into context. I hope that with my teaching style, all students also grow in their confidence of their own English. Through confidence in English, the students’ speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills will improve.


Closing remarks: This is my second-year teaching at Haileybury and every day in the classroom is so much fun… because of the kids I have! Being so far away from home is often difficult, but then I get into the classroom with my students and it’s all worth it. I’ve had an amazing time being Ms. Sickels to your amazing kids.

结束语:这是我在黑利伯瑞教学的第二年,在教室里的每一天都是那么有趣…因为我的孩子们!虽然离家很远会令我思念家乡,但能够和我的学生一起在教室里学习,这一切都是值得的。做孩子们的Ms. Sickels让我感觉非常享受!

Name: Joshua Webb


Education background: University of Auckland, Faculty of Education.


Previous teaching history: Childcare centres in New Zealand (Auckland, Waikato and Wellington) from 2004-16 (full-time, part-time and supply work); Education Queensland, Australia from 2013-17 (supply work in 100 primary schools).

Classes taught: English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Music, Art, Physical Education and more.



Teaching philosophy: I believe that providing a relaxed learning environment is the most effective way of teaching. When the teacher respects students and their opinions, it is very likely that students will in return show respect for the teacher. Taking students, their needs and opinions seriously helps to build a healthy relationship, which as a result increases learning and knowledge. I believe effective teaching involves drawing from the students’ prior knowledge and personal experiences. I aim to encourage my students to work from their level of understanding, learn to explore their own ideas, and be open to development or changes to their perspective.


Strengths as a teacher: I am passionate about education. I am a good communicator. I have a good relationship with most of the students. I am always looking for ways to improve my performance and the performance of the students. I am creative.


Student goals you have for your classes: To know all the phonic sounds of the alphabet and diagraphs. To be confident to speak in English. To learn to speak English that flows well and is not broken. To spell words at their level correctly. To use correct grammar and write good sentences. To understand English and the culture behind the language. To show respect to each other and follow the rules.


Closing remarks: I hope to be a teacher that makes a positive difference to the school and its students in their journey.


Name: Mr. Nathan Williamson


Education background:

Bachelor of Education – Early Childhood and Primary Education (Australia)



Previous teaching history:

International schools in China (primary school)

Good Start Early Learning – Australia

Melton West Primary – Australia (Student Teacher)



Good Start Early Learning - 澳大利亚

Melton West 小学 – 澳大利亚 (学生老师)

Teaching philosophy:

I believe that all students learn through doing, when a child is using their hands to hold or build they have a greater understanding of what they are learning.

I believe that students are the focus in teaching. You need to focus on the child and their learning capabilities.

I believe that students should be allowed to make mistakes so they can learn from them, making a mistake can help you learn from it.



I believe my strengths as a teacher are:

·         Creativity 
I’m constantly thinking of new and interesting ways to plan new ideas or projects.

·         Curiosity 
Always interested in exploring and discovering new things.

·         Open-Mindedness
Enjoy hearing about and thinking about new ideas.

·         Courage 
I like to embrace challenges.

·         Kindness 
I enjoy doing work to help others.

·         Fairness 
I try to put great importance on treating everyone the same.

·         Humor
I love to laugh and make other people laugh.
















My goals for my classes are:

·         Do the students understand the work?

·         Are all students able to complete the work?

·         Is the work challenging for the students (reflection)?

·         Have the students learnt something after each class?

·         If the class isn’t working right what can I do to fix it (reflection)?







Closing remarks:

As a teacher, I believe it’s my responsibility to treat each child with respect so I may receive the same respect from them.



Name: William Shih–Chuan Fang


Education background: M.Ed (Curtin), B.A/B.Ed (University of Western Australia), B. Ministry (Hons) (Reformed Theological College Geelong), Graduate Diploma of Education (Deakin).

教育背景 (教育硕士 (科廷大学),文学士/教育学士 (西澳大学),教育研究生(小学)(迪肯大学)

Previous teaching history: I have been teaching English at Haileybury Tianjin since August 2014 (years 10,9,8,7,6,4,3,1). I have also taught at Wongan Hills District High school as an English, drama, Society and environment teacher as well as at The Australian College of English as an adult English Teacher.

之前的教学历史:自2014年8月起,我就在黑利伯瑞国际学校教英语(10年级、9年级、8年级、7年级、6年级、4年级、3年级、1年级)。我还在Wongan Hills高中担任英语、戏剧、社会和环境教师,以及澳大利亚英语学院的一名成年英语教师。

Teaching philosophy: My teaching pedagogy is that of aiming for deep understanding, to scaffold students towards the outcomes, to motivate students and to maintain tight control of the classroom environment. I believe it is necessary to be firm but fair as a teacher in order to maintain control of the classroom. Revision, testing and homework are also critically important in learning a second language because the language being learnt is not the lingua franca or the common language spoken. Therefore, it is imperative that students are motivated, inquisitive and diligent. Learning is not magic and it does not just happen! It requires diligence and an unwavering tenacity for success. A student must have this thirst for success if one is to make the required improvements in order to advance onto the next stage of learning otherwise one will forever be stuck at the old level.


Little things such as handwriting neatness, being organised, listening in class and being focused everyday form the foundation of success. Students need to also respect teachers for their own unique gifts and talents they bring to the classroom even if a teacher’s method of teaching is not one’s preferred learning style because every teacher has something unique which only they can impart. 


Strengths as a teacher: I am a qualified primary and secondary teacher from Australia with a current Australian teaching license. Apart from being a native speaker of English, my Chinese is also highly proficient. I also bring to my classrooms a love for learning and I also try to instill this into my students. Learning a language is not easy so I am also very patient but also persistent. Building relationships is important in education. Moreover children find me approachable and relatable. After my tenure at Haileybury, I would like to be remembered as a teacher who did all he could to give his students the best possible learning opportunities and someone who had an unwavering dedication to his students’ English progress.


Goals you have for your classes: My goal for the students is for them to improve their English. I want them to learn English in a happy, safe, structured and orderly environment where they are all encouraged to work hard. Student motivation is important so I try to make my lessons interesting by incorporating many different types of activities. Apart from delivering fantastic lessons, I feel the mundane routines of homework, classroom order, organization and neat handwriting are also critically important. My goal is also to be a guide as well as an evaluator with regard to students and their work.


Closing remarks: Learning is not an easy but if classes are exciting and if staff and students are dedicated, then learning will naturally occur. Let us all work together to improve the English ability of the students at Haileybury.


At Haileybury, every child matters, every day.


William Fang (M.Ed, B.A/B.Ed, B.Min (Hons), Grad Dip Ed. (Primary))

方士铨 (教育硕士,文学士/教育学士,教育研究生(小学))

English Program Coordinator - Primary School

Haileybury Tianjin International School