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Bulletin 11, Week 3, Semester 2, 2017-18


公告11,第3周,第2学期,2017 -2018  16/03/2018

Dear primary school parents and families,


It has been an eventful and action-packed two weeks at the primary school in Tianjin. Firstly, it is my honour to announce that new student leaders have been elected. Students were initially nominated by their classmates and were later required to present a speech in front of the whole school. Following a whole school ballot, 16 new student representatives as well as two leaders and four deputies from each class have been elected into the primary school. Student leaders from last semester will continue to manage and to lead the primary school but they have also been given new roles and responsibilities. We wish all our student leaders every success as they begin their new duties.   Secondly, the primary school is recruiting new parents to join our primary school parents’ association. Registration forms have already been issued so we hope that you apply and involve yourself in this worthy cause. Parent committees are very important because they shape the learning of our students as well as the future direction of the school.  Everyone has something unique which they can offer to others so our hope is that staff and parents work together to build up our school.




The inauguration of our new primary school student leaders

Thirdly, our afternoon club program has started and it has been a success. Our students have been eager to participate in the many clubs and activities provided by our own teachers such as fitness, soccer and dominoes but they have also been given the chance this semester to participate in fee paying clubs such as the science club provided by the Taiwanese based LIHAN educational company which gave our students an amazing science demonstration as part of our afternoon clubs program. There will be more opportunities to incorporate other high-quality programs into our afternoon club program in the future. We believe it is important that our students not only excel in the core subjects such as English, Maths and Chinese but that they also develop themselves in other fields such as robotics and Taekwondo.  Fourthly, to improve the teaching quality at our school, the primary school has implemented a ‘Going out and an inviting in’ approach towards the professional development of our teachers.  In the third week, the school invited Mrs. Tian and Mrs. Zhang to come to our school to train our teachers. They are both renowned math specialists in Beijing and they entered our classrooms and provided feedback to our teachers. They were impressed with what they saw and have affirmed the solid Chinese and mathematics curricula in our school. Furthermore, they applauded the moral education of our students and were impressed by the good behaviour displayed by our students in and out of the classroom.




Maths specialists from Beijing – Ms. Tian and Ms. Zhang evaluated our Maths teachers



LIHAN – A Taiwanese educational company wowed our students with a science demonstration


Students can now learn golf during afternoon activity time


Students learnt how to defend themselves with black belt Taekwondo masters


Swimming– one of the many club activities on offer in the afternoons

The English program in the primary school has also been progressing well. Firstly, as mentioned in the last bulletin, our Reading Buddy Program has started. This semester, we are lucky to have the support of 35 middle school students who are listening and reading to 70 primary school students from years one, two and three. They are reading from the popular Berenstain Bears, Biscuit and the Step into Reading series. Teachers and students have already commented on how smoothly these sessions have been. They have also noted the many smiles that have radiated from the faces of our children when students accomplish the honourable feat of reading a book in their second language. The school will continue to support this important program because reading is an important aspect of language acquisition. Secondly, we have started to prepare for the first round of the CCTV competition which will take place on April the 12th. The first round of the CCTV competition involves students giving a 60 second self-introduction and answering questions based on their self-introduction from a panel of judges. On the 16th of March, 10 students from years three and four were given the opportunity to deliver their self-introductions in English and overcome their nerves at the same time. The primary school was impressed by the spoken fluency of our students, their courage and their ability to speak comfortably in front of their classmates and teachers. There were three winners on the day (Jinny Guo, Bobby Li and Ryan Du) and we are sure that many of our students will shine brightly for our school come competition day.

小学英语课程也进展顺利。首先,正如上次公告所中提到的,我们的好友阅读活动已经启动。这学期,我们很幸运地得到了35名中学生的支持,他们在听力和阅读方面对70名 1-3 年级的学生进行帮助。他们正在阅读流行的贝伦斯坦熊、饼干和阅读系列丛书。教师和学生已经就这些会议的顺利进行发表了评论。他们还注意到,当学生们完成了用他们的第二语言阅读一本书的时候,我们的孩子们脸上洋溢出灿烂的笑容。学校将继续支持这一重要项目,因为阅读是语言习得的一个重要方面。第二,我们已经开始准备第一轮的CCTV比赛,将在4月12日举行。第一轮的中央电视台比赛,比赛内容为60秒的自我介绍,然后回答考官根据自我介绍所提出的问题。3月16日,十个三年级和四年级的学生用英语进行了自我介绍,在演讲中克服了自己的紧张情绪,学生们的口语流利程度、他们的勇气以及在同学和老师面前畅所欲言的能力给小学部留下了深刻的印象。当天有三名获胜者,我们相信我们会有许多学生将在比赛当天为我们的学校绽放出闪耀的光芒。


The Reading Buddy program continues to be successful


Jinny Guo (Year 4) – The winner of the CCTV Haileybury Mock Competition (year 3 and 4)


10 students from grades 3 and 4 amazed the audience with their English fluency in the CCTV Haileybury Mock Competition

Lastly, for the purpose of improving the quality of English instruction in the primary school, many quality control measures have already been implemented. For example, all primary school international English teachers are routinely observed every week by the English coordinator with written or verbal feedback given at the end of the observation. Our English teachers are also encouraged to observe other teachers teach so that good practice can be spread into more classes. Each week, English meetings are conducted, PD is given and topics such as behaviour management, explicit instruction and the importance of reducing teacher talk time are discussed. Furthermore, we have also continued with the high standards set from last semester. For example, each Monday, each student in the primary school undertakes two English tests. Testing is vitally important in learning because it not only informs the teacher and parents about the progress of students but it also forces students to spend more time revising so that high marks can be achieved. Weekly English test scores are available upon request from your English teacher, the homeroom teacher or Mr. Fang. English teaching and learning continues to be a fundamental part of our primary school and it will continue to be prioritised and closely monitored.


At Haileybury, every child matters, every day.


William Fang (M.Ed, B.A/B.Ed, Grad Dip Ed. (Primary), B. Christian Ministry (Hons) )

方士铨  (教育硕士,文学士/教育学士,教育研究生(小学))

English Program Coordinator - Primary School

Haileybury Tianjin International School



16/03 /2018