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Bulletin 12, Week 5, Semester 2, 2017-18  


公告12,第5周,第2学期,2017 -18


Dear primary school parents and families,


It has been another exciting and enthralling two weeks at the primary school in Tianjin. On the 23rd of March, the primary school department convened its first parents’ association meeting for the new semester. This meeting was attended by our international principal – Mr. Erwin, primary school leadership and members of the parents’ committee.  Participants shared lunch together and an overview of our department’s moral education program for this semester was conveyed. Furthermore, friendly dialogue about the food provided by our school’s cafeteria was exchanged. Many improvements are being made because of the communication and collaboration between the school and its parent committee. For example, it has been decided that the cafeteria will now provide healthier snacks such as sandwiches and cupcakes during recess and afternoon tea. Interestingly, these cupcakes are being made from Mr. Erwin’s  own home-made secret recipe which he kindly shared with cafeteria staff.




Primary school leadership convened a meeting with the primary school parents’ association

On the afternoon of the 23rd of March, staff and students were treated to a special guest lecture by Dr. Pan - the father of one of our students from 6B. The title of his speech was ”Infectious disease prevention in Spring". Our students were privileged to hear from an expert in this area and undoubtedly learnt a lot of practical knowledge about staying happy and healthy. Germs and infectious diseases spread faster as the weather warms up so it is important that we all take the necessary precautions so that we don’t get sick. Immediately after the lecture by Dr. Pan, year 6 students and their parents remained in the theatre to hear another talk. This time, the presentation centred on briefing students on transitioning into year 7. International principal Robert Erwin started off the proceedings by giving a speech on the importance of staying on the Haileybury pathway. Next, Cheryl McKenna, the head of English at our school introduced the Cambridge middle school English program to the audience. Middle school students under the guidance of Ms. Black (Head of middle school English) also spoke about the many unique clubs available in the afternoons. Lastly, James Kennedy (head of VCE) explained to parents about the advantages of the Australian VCE program. Haileybury offers a world-class English program and the internationally recognized VCE program. Most people would agree that the best English as a Second Language program in the world is the Cambridge English program. This English program is precisely what is being used in our school from years 1-10, with students in years 10 and 12 taking another internationally renowned program – the VCE.

在3月23日下午,我们的全体教职工和学生们都有幸参与了潘博士的特别客座演讲,他是我们来自6B班学生的父亲。他演讲的题目是“春季传染病预防”。我们的学生有幸听取了这个领域的专家的意见,毫无疑问地我们学习了许多关于保持快乐和健康的实用知识。由于天气变暖,细菌和传染病传播得更快,所以我们必须采取必要的预防措施,这样我们才不会生病。在潘博士的讲座结束后,6年级的学生和他们的父母留在剧院聆听了另一场讲座。这次演讲的中心是向学生介绍过渡到7年级的情况。国际校长罗伯特·欧文在会议开始时发表了一篇演讲,阐述了在黑利伯瑞学习的重要性。接下来,我们学校的英语主管Cheryl McKenna向家长介绍了剑桥中学英语项目。在布莱克女士的指导下,中学生向家长展示了本学期特色的语言活动课程。最后,詹姆斯肯尼迪(VCE负责人)向家长阐述了澳大利亚VCE课程项目的优势。Haileybury提供前沿的英语课程剑桥英语和高考VCE国际教育项目。剑桥英语是英语为非母语国家的最成熟的英语学习项目。我校1-12年级进行的就是该英语项目的教学。在国际高中10-12年级学生学习国际VCE课程体系。



Doctor Pan spoke about “Infectious disease prevention in Spring"

On Saturday the 24th of March, 8 boys from year 6 travelled to Hope International School to compete in a 3 vs 3 basketball tournament. Three international school took part in the competition and these were Haileybury, Hope International and Hui Jia International school. An A team and a B team from our school competed on the day with our boys keen to put into practice what they have been learning during basketball club in the afternoons. They did not disappoint. Parents and spectators were impressed by the dazzling basketball skills displayed by our boys on the day, our A team came second (a win and a loss) and our B team came first (two wins). Congratulations to all the year 6 boys were participated in the competition and special thanks must go out to their coach Mr. Fang as well as Mr. Sun and Mr. Webb who accompanied and guided the boys on the day. The boys have another interschool basketball match on the 14th of April so we hope they will continue to impress and triumph.

3月24日星期六,8名6年级的男孩子前往北京协力国际学校参加一场3对3的篮球比赛。三所国际学校参加了比赛,他们分别是黑利伯瑞国际学校、北京协力国际学校和汇佳国际学校。我们的队员们在比赛当天表现出精湛的篮球技艺和文明的赛场礼仪,给家长和观众留下了印象深刻,A球队获得了第二名(一场胜利,一场失利),我们的B队获得了第一名(两胜)。祝贺所有参加此次比赛的六年级男孩们,特别感谢他们的教练方老师、孙老师和 Webb老师,对孩子们的陪伴和指导。4月14日,男孩们又将进行一次校际篮球比赛,希望他们能再获佳绩。



Our boys were victorious at Hope International

Haileybury Tianjin continues to be an important member of the Haileybury family. On Monday the 26th of March, board members of the entire Haileybury organization came to our school. The board members included principal and CEO of the entire Haileybury organization – Mr. Derek Scott; HIST founding principal – Dr. Nicholas Dwyer; Mr. Fraser Main and Mr. Darren Scammel. They attended our whole school flag raising ceremony and listened to a presentation given by our executive principal – Dr. Kathy Wang. Following this, they conducted an inspection of the whole school and were impressed with what they saw. They commented that the school was neat and orderly and that the school had firmly established itself in a short amount of time. Additionally, Australia international education expert and Haileybury Melbourne deputy principal– Mr. John Fleming, arrived at our school on the 28th of March to guide and monitor the primary school.He observed classes, assessed the teaching quality in our school, had lunch with teachers and students and lectured to staff. Notably, he affirmed the teaching and learning in the primary school and was impressed with what he heard and saw. We are glad to have the assistance, cooperation and support of various Haileybury delegations and we trust that the exchanges between Haileybury Australia and China will continue to occur into the future.

天津黑利伯瑞国际学校是黑利伯瑞里家族的重要成员。3月26日星期一,黑利伯瑞的董事会成员到访我们学校。董事会成员包括整个Haileybury组织的首席执行官——Derek Scott先生、HIST创始校长Dr. Nicholas Dwyer,以及Fraser Main和Darren Scammel先生。他们参加了学校的升旗仪式,并听取了执行校长王彤博士的演讲。在此之后,他们对整个学校进行了参观访问,学校优雅的环境、井然的秩序、学生课堂内外的学习生活状态给他们留下了印象深刻。董事会成员对在这么短时间内学校所取得的成绩给与了极大的肯定。此外,澳大利亚国际教育专家和墨尔本副校长约翰·弗莱明于3月28日抵达我校,对小学部进行指导和管理。他观察课堂,评估我们学校的教学质量,并亲临指导课堂,并在6B班亲自示范了一节写作课程。他极大的肯定了小学部的教学和德育管理,对他的所见所闻印象深刻。我们高兴地看到黑利伯瑞里各代表团的协助、合作和支持。我们相信,澳大利亚黑利伯瑞与中国的交流在未来也会更好。


Haileybury board members inspected the school


Renowned Australian educator – Mr. John Fleming gave a demonstration class to 6B

On the 30th of March 2018, 8 students from years 5 and 6 were given the opportunity to deliver their self-introductions in English at assembly. Like what happened two weeks’ ago, the whole primary school was impressed by the spoken fluency of upper primary students, their bravery and their ability to speak fluently in front of their classmates and teachers. There were four winners on the day.

1.    First Place: Sakura Li

2.    Second Place: Penelope Feng and Lochlyn Wang

3.    Coco Li and Vicky Hua

Special thanks must go out to their English teachers who mentored and helped the students with their speeches. Moreover, we are sure that many of our primary school students will shine brightly for our school come competition day. Lastly, a reminder that the first round of the CCTV English competition will take place at our school in two weeks’ time on the 12th of April. Hopefully by now, you have already registered online. Payment of 150 yuan is required by the 10th of April 2018. Registration and payment information is attached at the end of this bulletin.  



Judges gave scores to each participant


Sakura Li was the winner of the year 5 and 6 Mock CCTV competition

At Haileybury, every child matters, every day.


William Fang (M.Ed, B.A/B.Ed, Grad Dip Ed. (Primary), B. Christian Ministry (Hons) )

方士铨  (教育硕士,文学士/教育学士,教育研究生(小学))

English Program Coordinator - Primary School

Haileybury Tianjin International School




Haileybury CCTV Star of Outlook Payment Method (Round 1)

黑利伯瑞CCTV希望之星申请与付款方法 (第一轮)

1.     Audition (Online) 免费上线海选

Method: scan, register and answer the audition questions.





2.Payment  付款

You will need to pay by Tuesday the 10th of April using one of the two payment methods below:


A.    CCTV Wechat payment method



1.    Scan the QR Code to the right 扫右边的二维码

2.    Click on ‘add me’ 点击 ‘添加到通讯录‘

3.    Click on ‘send message’ 点击 ‘发信息‘

4.    You are not ‘friends’ with the account yet还没有设置好友加入

5.    You must also send the following information 你必须先发送以下信息

6.    You must send the school’s name 标明学校名称(天津黑利伯瑞国际学校)

7.    You must include your child’s name 标明学生姓名(XXX)

8.    You must include the class of your child 标明学生所在班级(比如一年级)

9.    You must a contact number 标明联系号码 (XXXXXXXXXXX)

10.  Wait for authorisation 等通知

11.  Pay 150 yuan/ send the screenshot to your homeroom teacher 转账 150元(把缴费截屏发给班主任)

B.    Give 150 yuan in cash to your homeroom teacher who will collect the money. You will also need to hand in the form below if you are giving cash to your homeroom teacher.


Student’s name学生的名字

Student’s Class 学生的班级

Homeroom teacher’s name 班主任的名子

Date and signature 你的日期与签名

Parent’s name 家长的名字

Parent’s contact number 家长的联系号码