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Bulletin 2, Week 3, Semester 1, 2018-2019 




Dear primary school parents and families,


It has been another exciting and eventful two weeks at the primary school in Tianjin.Leadership has been a key theme in the primary school these past two weeks. Being a leader is not easy because with privilege comes responsibility. Leadership, however, builds up and extends a person’s skills and abilities so it is something that we should all aspire towards. The ability to lead and manage oneself and others is an important virtue or skill at Haileybury, so we encourage every child to participate in leadership roles. On the 4thof September, the primary school held a student council/leadership election. The process involved students applying, giving speeches and being voted in by their peers. On the 6thof September, the 26successful applicants were also trained in their roles. These students have already started undertaking some of the responsibilities in the management of the primary school such as welcoming parents and students at the front gate in the mornings. Senior student leadership roles were contested at assemblyon Fridaythe 7thof September. These involved applicants giving a 2-3 minute speech in English and Chinese on why they should be chosen. It is my honour to announce that Kady Jin is now the new Arts captain of the primary school and Penelope Weng is now the new English or international captain after they successfully persuaded the audience concerning their suitability. ‘He is a bad soldierwho doesn’t dream of becoming a marshal’ is a well-known proverb. It speaks of the necessity of promoting and extending oneself in the mundane moments of life if one is to succeed. Opportunities are not always available, so it is important that we take hold of them when they present themselves. I encourage all students to be leaders as you don’t know where your opportunities may take or lead you. Who knows, you may end up being the leader of a nation!


640.webp (5).jpg

Kady Jin is the Arts Captain for 2018-19

On Thursday the 13th of September 2019, around 30 high ranking leaders and Government officials from Australia and New Zealand visited our school. Seven members from CRP also visited as well. The delegation joined our assembly and were entertained and impressed with what they heard and saw. The first item of the morning was Mr. Webb’s powerplay video. The audience was enthralled with the content of the video which summarized the many amazing events and memorable experiences of the past year. Next, Kady Jin and Penelope Weng gave their pledges to be loyal and upright student leaders and were presented their student leader badges by Mr. Christopher Langman (Australian Deputy Secretary - Department of Foreign Affairs and trade) and Mr. Martin Kessick (New Zealand Director General – Department of Conservation). As mentioned earlier, Kady Jin is this year’s Arts captain and Penelope Weng is our new English captain. Merit awards were then presented to our top students and our guests each received a hand-painted artwork made by our students. The assembly then concluded with the school song. It was a memorable morning for the primary school not just because of the high-ranking status of our guests but rather because our guests commended our sub school’s work and the English language acquisition of our students. The event will no doubt be enshrined into the history books of our sub-school and be retold to future generations of staff and students. 


2019年9月13日,星期四,来自澳大利亚和新西兰约30名高级领导和政府官员访问了我们的学校,以及7名来自国家行政学院的领导及随团工作人员。代表团参加了我们的校会,他们对所听到的,看到的都印象深刻。上午的第一个环节是Webb先生制作的视频。这段视频集合了过去一年的里小学部里许多有意义的活动,给观众留下了深刻的印象。接下来,金惠琳同学和翁紫暄同学作为学生领导进行宣誓,并由联邦外交贸易部副秘书长克里斯多夫.朗曼先生(Christopher Langman)和新西兰自然保护部副部长马丁.凯西克先生,(Martin Kessick)颁发学生领导徽章。如前所述,金惠琳同学是今年的艺术队长,翁紫暄同学是我们的英语队长。获得优秀奖的同学们也会给我们的客人赠送礼品,我们的客人每人会收到一幅由学生手绘的艺术作品。最后校会以悠扬的校歌声结束。对于小学部的全体师生来说,这是一个难忘的上午不仅因为他们是重要的客人,而且我们的客人也对我校的工作和我校学生的英语素质赞赏有加。毫无疑问,这次活动将载入我们学校的史册,并告诉新的教职员工和学生。


International principal Robert Erwin, CRP & ANZSOG members are watching attentively


Year 1 students are delighted to receive their first merit awards


Our ANZSOG and CRP guests each received a memento


The primary school merit award winners for week 3


Penelope Weng and Kady Jin were presented their badges at the assembly by high ranking government officials from Australia (Mr. Christopher Langman) (Right) and New Zealand (Mr. Martin Kessick) (Second from Left)

On Wednesday the  12th of September, 30 boys from Haileybury Melbourne came and spent time in the primary school. Half of the Melbourne students went to a year two speaking class with Mr. Webb where they introduced themselves to our students in English. Some of our year two students were brave and gave their self-introductions in English to our guests. One of our students danced for our visitors and towards the end of the lesson, Mr. Webb gave a rap for our visitors. The other half of the students went to a year 4 reading class with Mr. Fang. In the reading class, each of the Haileybury Melbourne students were paired with a year 4 student and the students read to each other. Many of the Haileybury Melbourne students were impressed with the advanced English reading and speaking skills of some of our students. Our students no doubt gained a lot from the experience - not only in terms of improving and practicing their English but also in learning more about how to interact with someone from a different country or culture. Another group of students from Haileybury Melbourne are expected to arrive soon. Our students are excited to have another opportunity to mingle with and learn from Haileybury students from Melbourne. 




The year four reading group


Gary from year 4 is reading to a Haileybury Melbourne student

Our students participated in a book wrapping competition in the second week of school. Young and old students were given protective paper to cover and protect their textbooks and workbooks. This activity taught our students the importance of guarding, caring and cherishing their personal belongings. Although textbooks and exercise books may be relatively cheap and replaceable in today’s society, this does not mean that students should be careless, negligent or wasteful with their personal belongings. Many teachers know that being neat and tidy is a key foundation to academic success, so it is important to train children while they are still young concerning the importance of being organised. As many students covered their books neatly and tidily, it is clear that many of our students are not only skilful in craft activities but they also value and cherish their education as seen in the love and care they gave to their textbooks and workbooks in the activity. 



Charlie from year 3 is covering his textbooks


Kitty and Olivia from year 3 have finished covering their textbooks

Our club activities have also started this week. This semester the primary school is offering two types of club activities: regular and fee-paying. Our regular club activities include English movies, drama, basketball, swimming, dominoes, dance, fitness, Chinese drama, English remedial classes, reading club, English history and soccer. Our fee-paying clubs this semester include handicraft, oil painting, singing, piano, drums, guitar, broadcasting, modelling, hip-hop, robotics, taekwondo, golf and tennis. At Haileybury, every student matters every day, so we seek to fulfil the individual needs and ambitions of all our students. 




In closing, our English teachers have also settled into their roles and responsibilities well. Our English teachers are now not only busy preparing lessons and teaching the English curriculum but are also studiously marking student homework, preparing weekly English test papers, giving extra-remedial English lessons to our weaker students and liaising with our parents.  If you have any questions, feel free to write or get in touch with your English teachers or the primary school English coordinators (Mr. Fang and Mr. Williamson). It has been a positive start to the year and we trust our students will continue to enjoy learning and growing at Haileybury. 




Mr. Williamson is working long into the night


Year 5 students David and Eric are having a ball!

William Fang (M.Ed, B.A/B.Ed, Grad Dip Ed. (Primary), B. Min (Hons.))

方士铨  (教育硕士,文学士/教育学士,教育研究生(小学), 神职学士(荣誉学士学位))


English Curriculum Coordinator - Primary School (Upper Primary)

Haileybury Tianjin International School