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Bulletin 5, Week 10, Semester 1, 2018-2019




Dear primary school parents and families.


It has been another busy and action-packed two weeks at the primary school in Tianjin. Our primary school mid-semester exams were held on the mornings of the 25th and 26th of October. All students from years 1-6 completed exams in English, Chinese and Mathematics. These exams were between 60 -90 minutes in length depending on the age of the students and the subject matter being examined. Leading up to the examinations, teachers had been working industriously to prepare students for their exams and students completed revision tasks and worksheets across the core subjects of English, Chinese and Mathematics. We are currently in the middle of our first semester in Tianjin and despite the cold temperature outside, the staff and students all felt the heat from the added pressure of these examinations. Students were relieved after the exams and many of our students performed exceptionally well. Exams not only examine subject content but also examination technique such as time management, so it is important for students to master this from an early age. You will receive your child’s academic reports and grades soon so keep your eyes open for them.



All students from years 1-6 participated in English, Maths and Chinese exams


The year 6’s and the year 5’s all had their exams together in the first-floor library


Our year 4 students worked hard prior to the exams


Mr. Rosenfield supervised the year 3 English exam

A parent-teacher meeting was held on the 2nd of November. Like how parent-teacher meetings are conducted in Australia, parents were invited to speak to their homeroom teachers as well as their core subject teachers concerning the progress of their children. With the mid-semester exams and half of the semester completed, teachers were able to holistically convey to parents concerning the progress of their children. Teachers took the opportunity to show parents student work from tests, exams, exercise books and workbooks. They also detailed to parents on how they can assist their children with their studies. Judging by the cordial and frank conversations which were had on the day, it is safe to say that many parents were very pleased with the progress of their children and by the education provided by the school. We will continue to listen to the suggestions and advice given by our parents and we look forward to collaborating and cooperating with you to ensure that your child continues to improve every day.



Lower primary school English teacher Mr. Williamson enjoyed speaking at the parent-teacher meeting

On the morning of Friday the 26th of October, all of our primary school students participated in a physical examination which was held in the school gymnasium. ‘A healthy body is the capital for revolution’ is a well-known idiom. It speaks of the necessity of a healthy body as a prerequisite for accomplishing any meaningful work. Our students participated in various physical tests and measurements such as eyesight, height, weight, and lung capacity. Judging from the tests, it may be that some of our students may need to start wearing glasses as they had trouble reading the eye chart. At Haileybury, we believe maintaining a healthy body is critically important if students are going to excel in their academic studies. Results from the physical examinations will be available soon so please contact your homeroom teacher for more information.


640.webp (6).jpg

Emma Ye from year 3 had her sitting height measured

This year we have three new international teachers who have joined our primary school English teaching team. Mr. Rosenfield is one of our new English teachers at Haileybury. He teaches English to Years 2 and 3 and physical education to students in upper primary. Mr. Rosenfield was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois in the U.S.A. But as a child, he lived for a year in both Israel and Scotland which resulted in an interest about foreign countries and cultures. Throughout his childhood, Mr. Rosenfield attended the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, founded by the progressive American educator John Dewey.  Critical thinking and creativity were stressed over rote learning.  This has instilled Mr. Rosenfield with a lifelong love of learning and a desire to instil these values in his own students.  Mr. Rosenfield went on to attend Pomona College in Claremont, California, one of the most selective liberal arts colleges in America. Mr. Rosenfield graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Developmental Psychology and a minor in history.  Among other professional experiences, Mr. Rosenfield taught English for more than 8 years at schools in South Korea.  These experiences have imparted Mr. Rosenfield with a good understanding of the difficulties ESL learners face.  Mr. Rosenfield tries to teach quite complex material in as clear, simple and natural terms as possible.  He also believes in the importance of a sense of humour to overcome language barriers and to instil fun and creativity in learning.  Mr. Rosenfield is happy to be at Haileybury and looks forward to a fun and successful year of teaching and learning with his students. 



Mr. Rosenfield is currently teaching year 2 and 3 English as well as upper primary physical education

All our new local and international primary school teachers have completed their demonstration lessons. Demonstration lessons are excellent opportunities for teachers to showcase their talents to others as well as for teachers to learn from each other. In this bulletin, we will focus on reporting the demonstration lessons of our international teachers. Mr. Saul Rosenfield gave an enjoyable demonstration lesson on the 22nd of October with his 3 green English class which focused on vocabulary and creating sentences. Mr. Rosenfield’s overarching goal was to get students to construct their own sentences rather than for students to complete the mundane task of filling in the blanks. The students showed that they were up to the challenge as they created many of their own imaginative sentences. On the 23rd of October, Ms. Paula Sanchez gave a demonstration lesson with her year 6 students. Her aim was to review present and past obligations (have to/had to) and to practice writing past obligations. After the students were modelled correct sentences, they had the opportunity to construct their own sentences. Ms. Sanchez followed the Haileybury teaching methodology of ‘I do, we do, you do’ which allowed her students to actively engage and construct their own learning. Her students were well-behaved and they enjoyed the lesson. Lastly, Mr. Jason Swerdfeger gave a demonstration class with his year 6 class on the 24th of October. Similarly, his lesson intention was to help students revise grammar and sentence building for their mid semester exam. He constructed a method for labelling the different parts of speech in a sentence and the students spent the period deconstructing sentences as well as unscrambling different parts of speech to create sentences. Mr. Swerdfeger has developed a good rapport with his students and they enjoy his positive energy he brings to his classes. Overall, it was great to see our new international and local teachers showcase their talents and I am sure much was learnt from observing them.

新加入小学部的教师们已经完成了示范课。示范课是教师展示教学技能的绝佳机会,也是教师相互学习的绝佳机会。在本次的公报中,我们将专注国际教师的示范课。10月22日,Rosenfield先生在3Green班上了一节公开课,整堂课的重点是学习词汇和造句。Rosenfield先生的首要目标是让学生自己构建句子,而不是让学生完成填空的日常任务。这对学生们来讲是项挑战,但他们也造了很多自己的句子。十月二十三日,Paula Sanchez老师给六年级的学生上了一节示范课。她的目标是帮学生复习现在式和过去式。在学生模仿写出正确的句子后,他们便可以独立地造句子。Sanchez遵循了黑利伯瑞教师的“我做,我们做,你做”的教学方法,这让她的学生能够积极参与到学习活动中去。学生们在课上表现出色,并很享受这一刻。最后,Jason Swerdfeger先生在十月二十四日的6年级班上了一节示范课。同样,为了更好的应对期中考试,这节课的目的也是帮助学生复习语法和造句。他将示例句子中的词汇标注出词性,帮助学生了解句子结构,并可以用不同类型的词来造句。Swerdfeger先生和他的学生们建立了良好的师生关系,学生们很喜欢他上课时带来的正能量。总的来说,看到新的国际和中方教师的教学技能,我感到很高兴,我相信通过这些示范课,老师们也互相学习了很多。


Miss Sanchez gets up close with year 6 student Mark Yan


Mr. Rosenfield uses kinaesthetic ways to help his students cement their understanding