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Dear primary school parents and families.


It has been another eventful and exhilarating two weeks at the primary school in Tianjin. As mentioned in the last entry, five Monash university students have arrived at our primary school and they will be here for a total of three weeks. They will undertake various tasks and responsibilities such as teaching, helping with our sports program and assisting their mentor teachers. Monash university is a prestigious Australian university and is ranked in the top five in Australia. They have primarily been taking notes and observing their mentor teachers this week and in the next two weeks, they will practice more teaching with the guidance of their mentor teachers. The student teachers have assisted their mentor teachers in the classroom in a myriad of ways such as helping with the classroom management of students, marking homework, translating,tutoring students and enforcing neat handwriting. Together with the support of their mentors, they will also write lesson plans and practice their pedagogy. They will without a doubt be a valuable resource to our staff and students. Again, we wish them every success in their internship in China. 


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On the 12th of November 2018, Haileybury primary school held a shopping festival under the guidance and supervision of Ms. Amy Sun – our maths coordinator.  Prior to the festival, preparations were made by students as they had to make business licences. Only those stores that met the relevant stipulations of the Haileyshop limited company contract were able to obtain business licences which allowed them to sell on the day. The Haileyshop shopping festival successfully integrated the subjects of mathematics,Chinese, English, art and other disciplines. There were many vendors selling items ranging from books to stuffed animals on the day. Each store was able to keep clear and accurate records of the trade completed on the day. Students successfully made posters which were developed based on the psychology of our consumers. On the day,children used their experience and wisdom to sell their goods and services. They also used their smiles to create positive business environments. Moreover, they also felt the beauty of maths in their hearts. Each store was comprised of two students or "partners" which promoted cooperation and collaboration between our students. Mathematical counting, financial management and marketing ability were all also promoted through this festival. It was a lovely afternoon, and I trust the joy of the occasion will remain in the hearts and minds of our children for some time. 

20181112日,黑利伯瑞小学部Haileyshop迎来了第二届购物狂欢节活动。本次活动同学们化身为专柜法人,专柜法人代表,并且只有符合Haileyshop Limited Company合同相关规定的专柜才可获取营业执照并上架销售。 Haileyshop购物节活动成功将数学与语文、英语、美术等各学科知识完美融合。每个专柜都陈列着各式各样的商品,比如书本,文具,毛绒玩具等。各专柜的账目清晰有序,学生们能够使用标准的中英文销售用语,并结合大众消费心理绘制精美的宣传海报。 在此次活动中,孩子们用聪明才智发现商机,用微笑收获快乐,用心感受数学之美。每个专柜由两名同学组成,并有“合伙人”帮助协调合作。 通过此次活动,每位学生都锻炼了自己的团队合作精神、数学运算能力,理财能力以及市场销售能力。我相信这个暖洋洋的下午,那些欢声笑语将永远留存于孩子们的脑海和心底之中。

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The second parent-teacher meeting for this semester was held on the 9th of November. Like last time, teachers took the opportunity to show parents student work from weekly tests, exams, exercise books and workbooks. They also detailed to parents on how they can assist their children with their studies. We are half way through this first semester and many students have made remarkable progress in their studies. Like last week, many parents walked away satisfied with the education provided by the school. They also offered their assistance and support where needed. Moreover, the staff have also been proud of much of the work students have produced. We will continue to listen to the suggestions and advice given by our parents and we look forward to collaborating and cooperating with you to ensure that your child continues to improve every day.


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Following the general parent-teacher meeting in the morning of the 9th of November,the primary school department convened its first parents association meeting for the new semester. This meeting was not the same as the parent-teacher meeting because it was more exclusive. It was attended by the head of ESL – Ms. Cheryl Mckenna,primary school leadership and members of the parents committee which comprised of representatives from each of our 12 classes.  Participants shared lunch together and an overview of our departments ESL, student welfare and academic programs was conveyed. Furthermore, friendly dialogue about the food provided by our schools cafeteria was exchanged. Many improvements are being made because of the communication and collaboration between the school and its parents committee. For example, English physical education classes and English drama classes were included into our primary program this year because of the feedback we received from our parents last year. We have also added another English textbook into our curriculum – Cambridges Superminds to strengthen the English academic outcomes of our students. We take your concerns and suggestions seriously and we will continue to adjust our programs and policies accordingly.


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This year we welcomed Mr. Jason Swerdfeger into our primary school teaching team. Although Jason is new to Haileybury, he is not new to education.  Through his high school years, Mr. Swerdfeger tutored Math and French as a second language to students having issues in class.  He also worked as a coach teaching 2 school teams and brought them to the provincial standard in more than 4 years in a row.  Having completed school, he then went to Algonquin College in Ottawa Ontario and pursued studies as a law clerk and specialized in various areas of law.  Once he completed this,he joined the Federal Government.  Finally, in 2002 he chose to take a sabbatical to teach writing in northern China.  Once he arrived he never wanted to leave!  Once in northern China, many schools started to notice his English accent and the fact that he taught French helped matters as well. For the next 15 years he spent his time teaching French, law and English to children and adults of all ages in a mixture of two different styles.  For his smaller students, Mr. Swerdfeger is an open advocate of Total Physical Response (TPR) which mixes language, music, visual stimuli and chants to help younger learners better understand language.  For his older students he relied on visuals, history and precedent to guide his students to a greater understanding of what they were doing.  Teacher Jason has also been able to learn from his students to the same extent as they have learned from him.  While he was in north eastern China, he had no translator in any of his classes while teaching grades 3-6.  During this time and due to the remoteness of the area, he had no choice but to learn Chinese -especially if he was planning on surviving. It is with these understandings that Mr. Swerdfeger has decided to help students in both 5C and 6D.  He hopes that by applying these characteristics to his daily lesson plans that his students will be able to not only overcome their current obstacles but rise above them as well. We warmly welcome Jason to the international primary team this year and we trust he will have a wonderful year of teaching at Haileybury. 

今年我们欢迎Jason Swerdfeger先生加入我们的小学教学团队。虽然Jason刚到学校,但他对教育游刃有余。Swerdfeger先生在高中的时候就辅导过学生数学和第二外语法语。他还曾执教过2个校队,并连续4年达到了省级标准。高中毕业后,他到渥太华安大略省的阿尔冈琴学院学习,专攻法律的各个领域。完成学业后,他就加入了联邦政府。后来在2002年,他休假时来到中国,并在北方的学校教授写作。自此他就不想再离开中国。在中国北方的时候,许多学校注意到了他的英语口音,他教授法语的能力也被挖掘出来。在接下来的15年里,他为各个年龄段的儿童和成年人教授法语、法律和英语。对年龄较小的学生,Swerdfeger先生提倡综合运用语言、音乐、视觉刺激和歌曲的全身身体反应的教学方法(TPR)以帮助学生们更好地理解语言。对于年龄较大的学生,他依靠视觉、历史知识和先例来引导学生更好地理解所学内容。Jason老师从学生那里也学到了很多。当他在中国东北的某所学校上课时,他同时教授3-6年级的学生,并且上课的时候没有翻译。在这段时间里,由于地处偏僻,他别无选择,只能开始学习中文——也是工作需求。正是有了这些经历,Swerdfeger先生决定同时帮助5C6D的学生。他希望将他的经验和特长应用到他的日常教学中,使他的学生不仅能够克服当前的学习障碍,并且能够提升自己的学习能力。我们热烈欢迎Jason今年加入国际小学部,并相信他在黑利伯瑞能够享受这段教学之旅。

Finally, the aura of Autumn is getting thicker and thicker so we had a nostalgic week long art exhibition called from excellence to primary colors. This art exhibition comprised of art and calligraphy exhibits. It covered six grades and two club courses. It was completed under the guidance of Rachel Zhang, our primary school art teacher. There were many wonderful portraits displayed in the art exhibition. Moreover, there were also two interactive areas - the artist signature area and the interaction area. Children were able to learn more about our little artists and express their ideas about art in the interaction. Children spoke freely and artistically, and artistic flair was very strong. The exhibition allowed children to be children in a childlike and unrestrained manner. They were guided by their teachers and the children were able to grow in an honest and warm manner. The artists were able to know more about themselves - particularly in the areas of personal development, perception, emotional attitude,intellectual ability and life experience. The art exhibition gave our children a platform whereby they were able to express themselves on a bigger and broader stage. 




William Fang (M.Ed, B.A/B.Ed, Grad Dip Ed. (Primary), B. Min (Hons.))

方士铨  (教育硕士,文学士/教育学士,教育研究生(小学), 神职学士(荣誉学士学位))

English Curriculum Coordinator - Primary School (Upper Primary)

Haileybury Tianjin International School