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Haileybury InternationalSchool Tianjin

News from the International Primary School Teachers

Bulletin 21, Week 17, Semester 1, 2016

Dear parents and families,

It is nearly Christmas!  The students are very excited about their holiday!  The international teachers look forward to a wonderful Christmas to be spent with their families and friends.  We are also looking forward to a holiday too.  However, semester one is not over yet.  After the Christmas break, the students will return for their final semester examinations and begin preparations for the new school semester.  Chinese New Year holidays will be upon us soon.  I know for Chinese families, this is a wonderful and exciting time of the year.  There are many things to look forward to.

Thank you to the many families and friends who attended the international primary teachers’ English Language demonstration classes and meetings.  The teachers all agreed that they had a wonderful teaching and learning experience working with you and then explaining their classroom processes and routines to you in their meetings.  A western pedagogy is very different to a Chinese approach.  I hope you have gained a greater understanding and appreciation for the primary English Language and Literacy program.  It is a program that I am very proud of and one which continually develops in response to the changing learning needs of the students.  Please feel free to arrange a meeting time with your child’s international teacher if you require further clarification and feedback.  This should be done through your child’s homeroom teacher.

Over the last few weeks all teachers have been working with their classes on rehearsals for our end-of-the-year Christmas concert.  The Christmas concert will be an infusion of western and Chinese culture and language.  Your children are looking forward to sharing with you their learning.  I have personally enjoyed watching the students learn through a process of play, song, dance, design and creation.  They have been ‘doing,’ not sitting!  The students have been creative, critical and analytical in their learning processes.  This is something that I value highly in the overall primary teaching and learning programs we provide your children.  I look forward to enjoying their final product, which will be our Christmas concert.  I look forward to seeing you there.

This week Mr Tim Lyall and his wife, Ms Katie Casselman, left our school to pursue their new teaching assignments in Hong Kong.  Mr Tim was our primary school’s Physical and Outdoor Education teaching specialist.  I would like to take this formal opportunity to wish them all the best and happiness in their future professional careers and aspirations.  I would like to also thank Mr Tim for the positive contributions he made to the teaching and learning program and the general environment of our primary school.  Mr Tim’s temporary replacement will be Mrs Catherine Fonti.  Mrs Fonti comes to us with a wealth of teaching and learning experience, having taught in Australian schools for many years.  I know the students will enjoy working with her.

Finally, this week your children have received their Christmas holiday homework packages.  The international teachers have provided your children with a smorgasbord of activities to help them revise for their final examinations.  Your children should be able to complete these activities independently.  However, if you have the opportunity, please enjoy the English language learning homework challenge with your child.

Please have a happy and safe holiday with your families and friends.  

At Haileybury, every child matters, every day.

Mr Greg Alksne

Academic Director Primary

Tianjin Haileybury International School