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Staff World

The Christmas tree is covered up.

Bells and gifts

Let's wait quietly

Snowflakes falling from the sky

Seven color lights

Flashing romance and warmth

Founding principal: Dr. Nicholas. Dr. Duval

With a sincere blessing

Give us a gift.

Merry Christmas is coming!

What? Growing up without a Christmas present?


Hailey decided this year still prepared a Christmas gift for everyone.

However, we send each other Christmas and New Year wishes

But essential oh!

Christmas and the new year is approaching, Hailey berry prepared sweet chocolate and red delicious Wine as double gift for each employee, send blessings and greetings to each employee.

Although a box of chocolate, a bottle of red Wine is not the most precious things, but it is full of Hailey bury all the staff to work hard, the grateful affection, and sincere wishes for.

Winter sunshine on the window, the staff received a gift after the smile so bright.

Founding president: Dr. Nicholas. Dr. Duval for the distribution of Christmas gifts, not only express the most sincere blessing to the staff, but also in this winter will be warm to the hearts of all employees

Christmas filled with a happy atmosphere, new year manjuan snowflakes fluttering.

Bless Dangqi sculls, open the wave greetings.

Time to slip away from the fingertips, but also a new year.

Hurrying, this leisurely.

Hailey berry in the festival approaching,

I wish you all a new infinite, festive spread on an upstream, the icing on the cake!