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Puzzle classroom

Puzzle classroom

A piece of paper, what can you do?

Paper airplane? Paper Crane? Far more!

Happy angel, lifelike insects, and exquisite animation image ... ...

A piece of paper has unlimited possibilities! Black Lieber Elementary School Students You enter the world of origami and feel the charm of the paper.

Origami can be a comprehensive coordination of people's ability to exercise, including hands, eyes and brain. Help to use their brains, active thinking, so as to achieve the hand, eye, brain trinity integrated coordination.

Through origami, students can develop practical ability, so that the brain has been to maximize the use, but also to promote the students' knowledge of extra-curricular learning. Origami symmetry, can develop students' symmetry understanding, more cultivate their patience, and a certain sense of space and three-dimensional.

Students make hands-on origami works, including beautiful creatures such as small animals, maple leaves, flowers, houses and so on. All of them carefully look at their own hand-made works.

Various types of educational classes in the black Li Bo Rui primary school after school to expand, enriching the knowledge outside the daily teaching. Providing a way for students to practice and explore, they can pursue their own interests, highlighting their creative talent.

This activity not only allows students to experience the fun of origami, and help others happy, but also cultivate the students' practical ability, creativity and attention, enrich their life after school, easing the tension of learning atmosphere.