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Honor Review

Honor Review

Tianjin Education News reported from the 2015 schools and people, selected the distinctive characteristics of running schools, outstanding performance of the 20 schools in 2015 for the Tianjin education characteristics of the school; selected 20 Dexin double happiness, deeds of moving principals or teachers for the 2015 Tianjin Education Year Person of the Year; selected 10 new educational philosophy, good social reputation of the school for 2015, the most influential schools in Tianjin Education; selected 10 outstanding achievements of kindergarten park for the "2015 Tianjin Education Ten Excellent Kindergarten."

Education comprehensive deepening, the development of education and gradually increase the vitality of the overall quality of education to enhance and promote the development of school content and the healthy development of students emerged more prominent features, meaning the development of the campus. Because of its outstanding performance in the field of education, Blackburn International School was named "the most influential school in Tianjin in 2015".

Tianjin Heili Libre International School fully demonstrated the experience of running the school, the education system and excellent teachers and domestic basic education, not only into the advantages of Chinese education, but also fully embodies the Western educational philosophy. Is committed to helping students immersed easily in the Western cultural and educational environment, through the education model of black Lieber into a world-class university.

The core of education here is not the indoctrination of knowledge, but to develop students to find problems to solve problems. In the classroom, students are encouraged to communicate and discuss with each other, to develop their potential, to help them find a sense of accomplishment, and to maintain self-confidence and active learning in their own abilities. Attitude, and ultimately let each student can stand height thinking!