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Parents' letter

Parents' letter

Dear Parents,


       First of all, thank you for your trust in the school, thank you for your understanding of school education and support.

Unconsciously near the end of the period, the children gradually grow up in joy, all aspects of ability to further exercise and improve, now the progress of the children to parents brief briefing:

1, the children become sunny, confident, junior high school music festival host election, students competing to register, each has its own merits, the final selection of 10 outstanding small moderator; delicious cake, the students heard the sound of blessing , Enhance the students friendship, add birthday memories. In the evaluation of star-rated dormitories, the dormitory became warm and good habits gradually developed, after the lunch break students, active classroom, learning efficient; 9th grade students and Australia to visit the small partners to get along, practice spoken language, Vision, and cultivate a child's diversity of cultural ideas and habits of thinking.

2, three days of junior high school science day in full swing, everyone involved, happy, the students poster full of physics, chemistry, biology three laboratory panels, students more interested in science, student cooperation , Exploration, practice ability has also been further improved. Political debates are held to enable the students to identify the issues in the heated debate and to develop their critical thinking and debate skills. Delayed the course of the students and teachers make an appointment to make up classes to ensure that each child can not leave school.

3, intercollegiate basketball, intercollegiate football, badminton, teachers and students basketball tournament, in this series of sports activities, students strong physique, sports skills, cooperation awareness has also been improved.

According to our educational programs, the upcoming theme of teaching and teaching activities are as follows: historical theme song and dance, Christmas charity to share, final exams, junior high school concerts.

Through the children we met each other, through communication we know each other, mutual trust, any temporary difficulties will not stop our way forward, because you, I, we will work closely with the children to create an excellent environment for growth, the children Will be more and more great!

Junior High School, Heiboli Rui International School

December 9, 2016