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Official Website Online

Campus official website:


In order to further enhance the service level of the campus website, and fully demonstrate the school style, to expand external publicity, teachers and students in the school to work together to pay attention, the new website of Tianjin Hailiborui International School on-line revision!

Campus official website as the school's comprehensive portal, is the school teachers and students, family and school communication and contact important platform, but also to the community show an important window. The new website from the layout, column settings, information capacity and art design aspects of the site was fully optimized design. From the campus news, family education guide, students display platform, etc., for the community to understand the campus to provide a microscopic perspective.

The whole site, column classification clear, feature-rich and practical, convenient information browsing. After the revision of the site to build a publicity image of the school an important position, the school education and teaching service platform, the school and the community communication bridge.

The campus official website revision has been the school leadership attaches great importance to teachers and students and active support. The revision process, in the original campus official website analysis, research, layout, page layout and page content finishing, further clarified the function of the campus official website, positioning, to determine the revision goal, and strive through the revision, further beautify the page, optimization Design, easy to use, further services home school and teachers and students needs.

The site has just run on the line, as well as further updates and improvements, welcome your valuable comments, and strive to build the campus official website into a set of theoretical study, information dissemination, news, work services, new media interactive exchange as one of the practical Integrated platform!

Look forward to your comments (admissions@haileybury.com)