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Campus food safety special report

Campus food safety special report

In order to promote the campus food safety project, to ensure the safety of teachers and students, the construction of transparent kitchen has always been the first place. For a long time canteen staff on the food safety management system, canteen sanitation, food production and processing, food raw material quality and preservation conditions strictly to control, and to correct the problems in time. For students to create a clean dining environment, warm and comfortable service guarantee is an important part of campus work.

Campus food safety work in the first place, many measures simultaneously to strengthen school food safety, and strengthen food safety education, to enhance the level of campus food safety management, and strictly regulate the operation process, increase supervision of the campus canteen, and effectively protect the student's diet Security, so that students eat satisfied with the rice, vegetables.

Student's age is the critical period of growth and development, and reasonable dietary nutrition is very important to promote students' growth and development. So that students eat eat, eat a healthy, is the duty of our campus workers, it is the wish of millions of parents. Growth and development of the critical period, the intake of nutrients in addition to the need to maintain the activities needed to maintain the day the students nutrition, the need to meet their growth and development needs. With the strong support of the leaders of the school, the school specially invited experts in food safety management, senior director of Beijing Changping District Health Supervision Bureau as the senior adviser of our school, according to the canteen management, student age characteristics, nutritional health, , The campus cafeteria management training, the scientific deployment of catering to balance the nutritional diet of students to maximize the safety of students to ensure that food and dietary quality.

Haili Bo Rui insisted on using professional services team management canteens, catering services from the mechanism and the source of the scientific system design, adhere to the management practices, and strictly regulate the daily operation and supervision in a timely manner, canteen services in place supervision, strict control, operation Specification of the track.

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