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Campus Food Safety

Campus Food Safety

Campus canteen hygiene and safety, related to the vital interests of teachers and students, to ensure the safety and health of campus canteen, put forward higher requirements on the management of the school leadership campus canteen, to be more highly valued, the campus has been trying to action on the road for health and food safety regulations.

Last Sunday, our school canteen staff use weekend rest time, held a general meeting of staff, made further work requirements and standards.

The end of the meeting on the same day, according to the Treasury thorough arrangement, concentrate on cleaning up the establishment of IED, and fill the window meal meal special in every student dining area, health certificate of the canteen staff also posted prominently in each cafeteria dining area, according to the nutrition standard, and adjust the related menu, relative to reduce the frequency of frozen food and fried food.

As a result of filling meal area has just been set up, many students are not familiar with the position and process, after a day of observation, in the canteen staff under the guidance of the students to inform, convenient repair windows made the adjustment effect to look forward to, the canteen staff is paid a lot of effort.

At the same time, the school canteen food safety very seriously, specially invited to the food safety management expert of Beijing Changping District health supervision bureau director Gao Liansheng to our school canteen hygiene and safety inspection work, and put forward the guiding opinions.

School clearly pointed out that the high director of the steering work is standing on the perspective of law enforcement and standards, and strive to ensure safety standards canteen. The dining room has been improved work action on the road, but also hope to get valuable suggestions from teachers and students and parents, truly for the student's health escort!