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Annual Examination Of Education

Annual Examination Of Education

In December 15th, Pierre Hailey International School of Education Bureau of Wuqing District inspection group ushered in a line leading to my school year 2016 to carry out education quality inspection work. School leaders and relevant departments attended the report forum. Inspection group of our school in 2016 education, teaching and management work carried out in-depth, detailed annual inspection and give a high degree of evaluation.

Executive president Tong Wang first inspection group to report to the school year VCE college entrance examination scores: 3/4 of the graduates meet the admission criteria of world ranking in the top 50 universities at the same time, a detailed report on the basic situation of our school, basic data, school conditions, school philosophy, three years of planning, the work of moral education and teaching work and safety etc.. The report is especially introduced: Hailey berry international school. Every student every day is important "and the concept of" to the classroom teaching quality, to extracurricular teaching characteristics, to teaching to increment to bilingual teaching to the quality requirements of "teaching. The report also focuses on the students four code of conduct, through the activities of moral infiltration students mind. The school in the class work requirements of working class "clear objectives and effective measures, activities, directed at the heart"; in the dormitory management work report: school principal Wang cultivate two team is the life of teachers' team and youth leadership team, construction of students' self management system, cultivate the students: learn to be, learn to do, learn knowledge, learn to live together.

Pierre Hailey international school teaching characteristics of each faculty is to check the group left a deep impression. One of the six teaching objectives such as the primary school department ", is a good word (in English), a pair of good eloquence (expression, speech), a good article (in English writing ability), read a good book (reading habit, increase the amount of reading), have proficiency in a particular line (for example, will a musical instrument, a sports skill, good at a stroke), a good export capacity (pen). The junior department of layered teaching and teaching features; our school "I do, We do, You do" direct teaching method and Chinese festival, Science Festival, foreign language festival, art festival, historical drama contest of science and festival, fully stimulate the enthusiasm of students learning, improve students' academic level, improve the overall quality students.

The establishment of school safety committees has also been well received by the inspection team. The school established the safety committee leading group and working group, 24 hours a day rotation duty arrangement, each shift careful inspection records in order to detect hidden dangers, dispose of hidden dangers, remove hidden dangers. Security work traces, work file classification archive.

Canteen work in the inspection also obtained satisfactory results. Pierre Hailey international school canteen catering service license issued by Tianjin Wuqing district health supervision staff all health card holders to strictly implement the morning check system, this term was not found in sick posts, each post staff responsibilities and improve all kinds of rules and regulations, perfect. The school also set up the student diet Committee, Faculty Food Committee, hired outside school food safety consultant, improve cafeteria management standardization, specialization, high quality.

Dr. Tong Wang finally the prospects for the future is to develop a higher level of school teachers and students of high quality; the construction of the internationalization of science and Western compatible curriculum system; to explore a set of standardized and efficient management mode of campus. Through its norms, characteristics, high-quality reputation and good social effects, contribute to Tianjin education!

After the forum, the inspection team split up, in accordance with the inspection standards, random archival materials, fully implement the education and teaching of specific inspection work. From the school's guiding ideology, management mechanism, hardware facilities, canteen management, dormitory conditions, financial management, teacher and student rights protection and other aspects of a comprehensive inspection. After the expert group visited and held seminars, verification of archival material inspections, to our school this year a comprehensive, three-dimensional, multi features give praise; maximize the value of education and teaching in our school to cultivate students' scientific literacy, promote the school comprehensive quality fully affirmed the work of the future; the direction of running my school gives guidance and advice.

Finally, the founding president Nicholas. Dr. Duval has made the summary speech: confidence in the education and teaching management in the future direction of running schools, scientific and standardized; thanks to the Wuqing District Bureau of education inspection work, to further promote the work of the school management refinement and standardization, which has laid a solid foundation for future school, faster better development!

For the annual inspection, inspection team leaders of Hailey berry international school high level and high quality work given the high degree of recognition, but also has brought new hope to the school: Hailey berry international school should not only based on the Beijing Tianjin, facing to the country, to become the country's international school flag and benchmarking!