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Parent Letter

Parent Letter

Dear parents and friends:


In 2016 has come to an end next week (December 19th -12 23) is the school of international high school final exam week, the school will be as in the past in the canteen for students to provide the most reasonable diet, accommodation will also arrange a reasonable schedule for children, to provide high-quality life insurance for children. I hope all parents can give children to create a good atmosphere in the exam during the examination, the weekend to help children make review, adjust good mentality, give children more encouragement and really help, urging children to seize the last time Pro forma.

In addition, at present, norovirus in Beijing is in a seasonal epidemic. According to the Municipal Health Planning Commission responsible person, norovirus infection to light disease mainly, the most common symptoms are diarrhea and vomiting. Norovirus is spread mainly through contaminated food and water, and can also be transmitted by contact with fecal and fecal substances, contaminated hands, objects and utensils, and aerosols produced by vomiting.

In order to make the patient infection prevention work, ensure that all children's health and safety and the normal teaching order of the school, the spirit of "health first, prevention first" concept, our school will remain highly valued in various places in the classroom activities in the College of environmental health; insist on good morning afternoon inspection; strictly do the absenteeism registration; at the same time, the education of students good personal hygiene; to wash their hands before meals and after processing, food; raw fruits should be washed; do telephone interviews and other related work in the absence of students.

At the same time, please parents pay close attention to children's physical health, strengthen contact and cooperation with the school. Weekend children go home, try not to crowded places; reduce dining out; pay attention to the child's personal health. If the child has nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms, should be timely medical treatment, good condition investigation and isolation.

Your parents also need not panic, general norovirus infection no danger, no special treatment, with symptomatic and supportive treatment, as long as the proper prevention, medical treatment in a timely manner, it will not cause physical damage and spreading. But taking into account its infectivity and impact on student studies, school teaching, we must attach great importance to close cooperation, earnestly implement prevention and control measures to ensure the health of teachers and students.

Children's healthy growth is our common wish, let us home school together to create a safe, happy, healthy living environment for the children!

I wish to work smoothly, a happy family.

Tianjin Hailey international high school Chinese Poetry

December 16, 2016