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Air Purifier Into Campus

Air Purifier Into Campus

Air pollution has become the hottest topic nowadays,

In the haze weather hot gas,

Five meters outside the "no one" remember?

Even wearing a mask, it is difficult to completely resist four haze v!

Governance haze is a long-term project, to do a good job preparing for protracted war,

But the health of the students can not afford to wait,

Let air purifier into the campus is imperative!

To provide students with learning a healthy living space, reduce harmful gas effects on students health, the school decided to air campus overall governance, so that students in a healthy environment in the happiness of learning is the Hailey family have been trying to do.

Air purifier introduction class classrooms and various offices, for the healthy growth of students, teachers comfortable office to create an excellent air quality environment, lifting the worries of parents. Purifier in the school each classroom, the office has been installed, are running, debugging stage.

Walk experience call, not only to the classroom to bring fresh, clean air, can also be quiet use, to ensure the classroom effect of teachers and students, try their best to avoid the possibility of suffering from respiratory diseases.

Student health is a topic of concern of the whole society, caring for students is our common goal. We fully respect the growth needs of students, for students to create a healthy environment for growth, and jointly create a better future for students! The air purifier into the campus, make a strong guarantee for the health of teachers and students of the Hailey family escort. At the same time, the school education of the students, protect the environment from ourselves, advocates the parents try to drive less, reduce vehicle emissions, low carbon travel, make contribution to protect the environment, protect our future and tomorrow!