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Heavy news

Heavy news

VCE Results


Our graduating students have now received their long-awaited VCE results. The school is very pleased with these results, with many students performing above expectations.

All students who completed their studies in November will be awarded a VCE Certificate

The Australian Tertiary Entry Rank (ATAR) measures a student’s ranking against all students completing their high school studies in Australia and gives an indication of the student’s prospects for placement in Australian universities.

The ATAR results are what are most pleasing for our students - not just the individual results but the whole cohort’s results are most impressive. The results are of a standard not far below that achieved in Haileybury Melbourne, which is remarkable for our first graduating class.

One third of our students were ranked in the top 10% of all students completing high school in Australia and overseas (ATAR > 90) and half of these were ranked in Australia’s top 1% (ATAR > 99).

Most importantly, three-quarters of our graduating students qualified for entry into a “World Top 50” ranked university in Australia, such as Melbourne University, Sydney University and ANU.

Our students now get a chance to finalise their university preferences and should then receive university offers over the next few weeks.

Our students and their teachers are to be congratulated for their excellent results. They reflect the high standards of work and effort the students maintained through their time here, and set a firm foundation for our future.



12 December, 2016