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Bulletin 16, Week 14, Semester 2, 2017-18 





Dear primary school parents and families,


It has been another exciting and eventful two weeks at the primary school in Tianjin. On the 25th  of May, the primary school held its first spelling bee for the new academic semester. Spelling is an extremely important English skill because students in year 12 are required to hand-write essay responses to questions in order to pass the VCE English examination paper. The VCE is an examination with focuses on reading and writing and it is common knowledge that if essay responses are filled with spelling mistakes, then it is improbable that a high score be attained. Thus it is important that good spelling be cultivated from an early age. To promote this, all year 5 students were given a week to practice spelling a list of around 400 words. There are two year 5 classes in the primary school and each class entered 5 participants in the spelling competition. A total of 10 students competed on the day. It was a tightly contested competition but in the end, the words piece and classical were the words which separated the first and second place getters. Congratulations to Patrick Tu from 5B for winning the event and Julian Andrews for coming second.


天津黑利伯瑞国际学校小学,又一个精彩纷呈的两周过去了,同时这也是繁忙的两周。5月25日,小学举行了本学期第一届单词拼写大赛。拼写是一项非常重要的英语技能,尤其是对12年级的学生,因为12年级的学生在完成VCE 英语考试的时候,需要手写英语作文。VCE考试的重点是阅读和写作,众所周知,如果学生的作文中充斥着拼写错误,那么就很难得到较高的成绩。因此,对学生来说,从小养成良好的英语拼写习惯至关重要。为了宣传这一点,让学生意识到英语拼写的重要性,所有5年级学生都要进行英语单词拼写的练习,每周都要练习400字左右的单词。小学5年级共有2个班级,每个班选拔出5名学生参加英语单词拼写大赛,比赛当天共有10名学生参加比赛。这是一场竞争激烈的比赛,最终,piece 和classical 这两个单词的拼写,为我们决出了本次比赛的冠军和亚军。恭喜5B班的Patrick Tu 取得本次英语单词拼写大赛的胜利,荣获冠军,同样恭喜5B班的Julian Andrews 获得本次大赛第二名。


The year 5 spelling bee was won by Patrick Tu from 5B

On the 25th  of May, around 40 year 6 families participated in the parent teacher interviews which took place in the afternoon. The parents spent the afternoon talking to their homeroom teachers as well their English, Chinese and Mathematics teachers. Head of whole school English -Ms. Cheryl Mckenna, was also available to answer questions regarding the English program and transitioning into middle school. Like before, students served as guides and assisted parents during the parent teacher interviews. Parents and teachers spent the afternoon reviewing student work, looking at past examination papers and analyzing weekly test records. It was a productive and cordial afternoon with most parents satisfied concerning the progress and results of their children. Year 6 is a very important year as students move into adolescence and middle school. Coursework becomes harder and students are expected to bear more responsibility for their own learning and progress. I have been very pleased with the performance and work of our year six students and have seen steady improvements in their test scores. I believe most have laid solid foundations which will be of great value as they move into a new chapter in their lives next year.

5月25日下午,大约有40个学生的家长参加了6年级学生家长会。家长们花了一个下午的时间和他们的班主任老师,他们的英语教师,语文教师和数学老师进行交流。全校英语系主任Ms. Cheryl Mckenna  也为家长们解答了有关英语课程的问题,并解答了关于6年级小升初阶段相关的问题。和以前一样,学生在家长会时充当向导和辅助家长。家长和老师花了一个下午时间翻看学生的学习成果,阅览学生的考卷,分析学生每周的考试记录。这次家长会成效显著,家长们均热情高涨,与各科教师积极沟通。大多数家长都对他们孩子的进步和结果感到满意。6年级对于学生来说是非常重要的一年,这一年学生即将升入中学阶段,也将逐步进入青春期。学生们的课程学习将会变得越来越困难,学生们也应该对自己的学习和进步承担更多的责任。我对我们6年级学生的表现和工作非常满意,他们的考试成绩也有了稳步的提高。我相信,大多数学生已经打下了坚实的基础,这将对他们明年进入新的生活篇章起到重要作用。


Year 6 teachers spoke with parents at the year 6 parent teacher meeting

On the afternoon of the 30th of May, a special musical concert was put on by our students. Students were given the opportunity to showcase their unique talents on the stage. As we are heading towards the end of our academic year, many students were glad to have the opportunity to escape the classroom and participate in something more engaging and exciting. Learning is not limited to what is inside a textbook and the audience was impressed by the many performances. Some students sang solo while others sang in a duet.  There was an English rap song performance as well as some traditional Korean dancing. A student sang and played on his guitar while another gave a solo piece on the piano. We also had a year one student who performed brilliantly on the drums. All participants were awarded a special Haileybury music badge as recognition of their participation in this special event. Many thanks must go to Ms. Melody Guo and Mr. Xu for organizing such a successful concert.  We really do have many very talented individuals who can put on a show!