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Warm classroom

Warm classroom

The tools used are relatively far away from the life of the students, however, the parents of the students through photographs, showing the use of tools for children, children are curious eyes in the unknown area feel the magic of science. This greatly inspired their passion for science, the passion to explore science.

Parents are taught by parents into the classroom for the students to teach, so that parents participate in campus education, mining and rational use of resources, expand the field of education, enrich the knowledge of students.

The parents have their own expertise in different areas, let the parents walked up to the podium, as in front of the students opened a window to enjoy the wonderful world, which greatly stimulate their learning enthusiasm and desire to explore science. Parents of students show the vivid three-dimensional universe of 1,000,000,000 universes make them breathe to books, the "fresh air" touch "the wonderful story" outside the campus, broaden the students knowledge, plays an important role. Parents teach, using a variety of channels to provide a variety of knowledge structure, comprehensive ability of students to be all-round development.

Parents teach, respect the nature of students, to promote the rapid development of students, to maximize the excavation of each student's unique talent. They are in a different industry status close to the students, no restrictions and fetters constraints, test scores without pressure, they maximize "entertain" students, with plain language, vivid picture, spontaneous lead students into the unknown areas of intense interest, the students have fun, fun.

A child's good is not innate, but temper in many exchanges in the. In the teaching activities related to parents, children not only from many parents who feel the colors of the adult world, more importantly, their coordination ability, communication ability and so on in the process of development has been impossible to measure.