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Super Purification

Super Purification

To create excellent air quality environment for the healthy growth of students, teachers comfortable office, the lifting of the parents of the Hailey family for each class menace from the rear, classroom and office installation of air purifier. Call for the experience, not only to the classroom to bring fresh, clean air, but also to do their best to avoid the possibility of suffering from respiratory diseases. As PHILPS air purifier in high-end products, AC6606 has efficient purification capabilities, truly become the guardian of the respiratory health of students guard". Let us uncover the mysterious veil except haze weapon, see its powerful place where on earth!!!

Student health is the focus of attention of the whole society, caring for students is our common goal. We fully respect the needs of students, to create a healthy environment for students to grow together to create a better future for students! The air purifier into the campus, make a strong guarantee for the health of teachers and students of the Hailey family escort.

PHILPS air purifier AC6606 fully in line with the new national standard GB/T highest level, guardian of respiratory health. Purification performance, PHILPS air purifier AC6606 equipped with the upgraded version of VitaShield micro shield technology, can purify the ultra fine particles to a minimum of 0.02 micron, can effectively filter PM2.5, formaldehyde, toluene, viruses and other harmful substances and cause rhinitis allergens, bacteria etc.. Layers of protection step by step to ensure that the delivery of clean air.

Upgrade VitaShield micro shield technology

This product adopts AeraSense smart sensor technology, particle sensor accuracy comparable to laboratory can provide real-time feedback of indoor PM2.5 content accurately, compared with common LED infrared technology, this design can greatly reduce the error probability, to ensure the accuracy of monitoring. Its monitoring value can be displayed in real time through the digital display on the surface of the body, but also with four color LED lights, more intuitive display of indoor air quality, healthy breathing visible.

AeraSense smart sensor technology

The PHILPS air purifier using both sides of the wind, the top of the wind design. At the top, the spiral design is adopted to increase the area of the clean air, so as to realize the rapid improvement of indoor air quality.