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New Year Greetings

New Year Greetings

Time flies, Santa's footsteps getting closer, the new year is about to ring the bell, a new chapter in 2017 as scheduled and familiar book, Everything looks fresh and gay. Bid farewell to the fruitful 2016, into the hopeful 2017. On the occasion of the new year, our school education development to make outstanding contribution and hard work in teaching, management and service positions on the staff, to the diligent Duxue, enthusiastic taught students, concern and support to the development of the school enthusiasm of parents, sincere greetings and best wishes for the new year!

Stand at the beginning of the year, in 2016, we are full of joy and pride. Hailey berry in 2016 as a beautiful picture, we join hands to depict the splendid picture with a gorgeous color. Strong leadership in the school, solid and effective management policy, the campus environment inside and outside the harmonious and beautiful, education and teaching achievements, the full bloom of honorary awards. In the past year, we grew up together, laugh together, it is worth remembering.

The new year is wonderful, the future achievement dream, the new year opens the new hope, the new course carries the new dream. Let us continue to encourage good governance, to set sail, the farther shore! Let us bear in mind the mission, will be full of love and enthusiasm into the education and teaching work, with a remarkable performance to win the recognition of parents, students and society.

Standing at a new starting point, facing the new future, we work together to promote the fine management of education and teaching, to pool the wisdom and strength of teachers and students, gathered into the power of the majestic, with new educational achievement of new dreams.

I sincerely wish you all in the new year of health, happiness and successful work and study progress, good luck in everything!

Tianjin Hailey International School of poetry