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Prestigious lectures

Prestigious lectures

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University of Melbourne, University of Melbourne, is a university located in Victoria, Australia's higher education institutions, located in the small city of Melbourne, a small fresh, is a key university in Australia. Founded in 1853, the University is Australia's second oldest institution of higher learning, and is the oldest university in Victoria. Following the tradition of the world's leading universities, the University of Melbourne has a high-quality graduate students and the world's leading research training, while undergraduate education is the world's most advanced and best.

In this case,

Educational characteristics

Over 120 multi-cultural, multi-sport student clubs and social groups provide students with opportunities to develop social and leadership skills, artistic and organizational skills, and many of them embark on leadership positions.

The University of Melbourne is a public service institution that has made outstanding contributions to the research, teaching and knowledge transfer of society.

As an excellent research institution, the University of Melbourne aims to strengthen its core knowledge disciplines, develop new ideas for scientific understanding, and support unconventional research approaches in important and innovative areas.

As an excellent teaching institution, the University of Melbourne aims to attract outstanding students from the widest range of backgrounds and provide excellent education.

Main courses

Architecture, Architecture and Design, Humanities, Economics and Business, Education, Engineering, Land and Food Resources Research Institute, Law, Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, Music, Science and Veterinary Medicine.

QS disciplines, a total of 30 disciplines, the University of Melbourne's 24 disciplines ranked the world's top 30, 6 disciplines into the world's top 10, 15 disciplines first in Australia. The University of Melbourne, a strong professional, education ranked third in the world, the world's fifth law, linguistics, the world's No. 6, accounting and finance ranked seventh, seventh in the world of psychology, ranked ninth in the world of medicine, chemical engineering global Ranked 12th, Computer Science and Information Systems ranked 13th in the world, ranked 14th in communications and media science, ranked 14th in the world of biological science, statistics and operations research ranked 17th, political science and international research ranked 20th in the world, economics Ranked 20th in the world.

The University of Melbourne is a founding member of Universitas 21, an international association of universities with a reputation for teaching and research.