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Campus rally

Campus rally

A drop of water sink into the sea

A flower set is not a flower

A tree group is not a forest

When you are sitting in a bright and spacious classroom and learning together, when you play with friends, work together, work together, when you and your partner together to solve the difficulties encountered in learning life, you are not felt The sincere friendship between the students, unity brings happiness?

On December 9, 2016, Blackberry hosted a "Friendship" campus on Friday. At the meeting, the Ministry of Science and Technology presented prizes to the Ministry of Science and the Ministry of Primary School for the award of friendship. In the performance, junior high school students sang "friendship for a long time," melodious melody will perform to climax. Students with music integration of the students of the era of pure friendship, the audience to watch the small audience is passionate. In the winter, the warmth and love that the students have conveyed always echoed on the Blackberry campus.

The event has been the school leaders and teachers of the strong support. Activities, not only enhance the friendship between the students, but also for the construction of campus culture has played a strong role in promoting the transmission.

Black Lieberly to the classroom to the students, all teaching behavior close to the student's life, close to the students cognitive, close to the students' psychology. Since its inception, Blackburn has always been committed to the teaching and learning of the classroom, focusing on the respect for students 'nature, respect for students' cognitive laws, and give students the greatest encouragement. Whether it is classroom or after-school life, teachers guide students to self-exploration, self-learning, the real problem for students, methods for students to choose, the conclusion for students to come!