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About Us

Welcome to Haileybury International School. Haileybury is committed to providing Chinese students with a world-class education. Haileybury sets high expectations of its students and helps them develop independent learning skills and a strong personal character. Upon graduating from Haileybury students will be provided with the best pathways to top-tier universities abroad.

Haileybury College was founded in 1892 in Melbourne, Australia. The school has been acclaimed for its successful educational philosophy and outstanding academic achievement. In 2014, we were ranked the No.1 primary school and No.2 secondary school in Australia. Every year, more than 80% of our graduates go to “Group of Eight” universities. Haileybury is a model of high quality education in Australia.

Haileybury has successfully delivered the VCE to Chinese students in China since 2002. Haileybury’s partner schools are located in over 10 cities across the country, and it has successfully helped many hundreds of Chinese students to enter western universities. In November 2014, Australia Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced Haileybury as a finalist in the Australia-China Achievement Awards during his speech at the Parliament House Dinner for Chinese President Xi Jinping, for Haileybury’s ground breaking work in taking Australian secondary education to China.

In China, Haileybury International School is the first sister school of Haileybury College. Even though it is located ten thousand kilometers away from the Australian campus, its education is not far from there at all. Not only does it share Haileybury’s high quality educational resources, but it also inherits the spirit of Haileybury – hard work with a light heart.

CEO and founding principal


About Haileybury

Haileybury International School is a full-time boarding school and is registered by the Tianjin Department of Education.

With strong financial support from BCL, Haileybury also shares teaching and academic resources with Haileybury College in Australia. Haileybury International School has a solid foundation for providing first-class international education.

The school has a primary school, middle school and senior school.

Haileybury has an international vision, seeking to bring together the best of the Chinese and western educational philosophies. It takes full advantage of a hundred years of experience in Australian education and the advantages of traditional Chinese education, while emphasizing innovative thinking and flexibility. A high-quality and diversified curriculum, small classes, an English learning environment, personalized training and care programs will develop students’ ability to use the English language and understand the western culture. It will also support the development of their ability to direct their own learning, communicate effectively, work in a team and take leadership at all levels. Haileybury focuses on cultivating a competitive ability to work in the international environment in order to become to become a citizen of the world.

Students entering Australian universities are normally not required to take the IELTS or TOEFL exam if they pass VCE English. Students who wish to enter universities in America, Britain and Canada are assisted to sit for the relevant examinations, including SAT, IELTS and TOEFL.

Haileybury international school is located in The Wuqing District of Tianjin.

Haileybury Melbourne

Haileybury is a long-established elite school in Australia. It is a not-for-profit charity and is supported by its current and past parents and by the Australian government. Founded in 1892, it has four campuses in Melbourne, providing comprehensive education from kindergarten to high school. Over the years, the School has made a great contribution to the country through the quality of its teaching, its diverse outdoor activities, its cultural heritage and its strong educational philosophy.

Haileybury produces many of the top students who enter the world's most famous universities in the USA, Britain, Canada etc. Every year, more than 80% of its students enter the top universities of Australia.


Our Campus

The layout of the students’ living area is a pattern of blue clouds, which reflects the colorful culture and the concept of international education in Haileybury Australia for more than 120 years.

Inside the buildings there are many public and semi-public spaces to enrich students' colorful activities. The design is in full accordance with the concept of Haileybury Australia, providing a relaxed, comfortable environment for students.

The campus covers an area of five hectares with a floor space exceeding forty thousand square metres across ten buildings.

The teaching building and its landmark tower form the core of the School, and is built to the highest standard of western educational practice. The three wings of the main teaching building houses forty-eight western classrooms equipped with state-of-the art electronic whiteboards and wireless internet.  There are nine western-style Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories with dedicated areas for full hands-on experiments by the students. The teaching building also houses Music performance and individual practice rooms, two dance studios, art and craft rooms.

There are two state-of-the-art western libraries that bring together the traditional and electronic resources required for class, small-group and individual research, as well as reading for practice and pleasure.

Excellent facilities exist to promote physical well-being through sport and co-curricular activities. The Sports Building houses a gymnasium, weights room, swimming pool and table tennis facilities. Outside, there are a soccer pitch, tennis and basketball courts and a running track.  There is a separate adventure playground for primary students.

A lavish theatre provides a centre for drama, musical productions and school assemblies.

Students live in four separate dormitories for girls and boys. Each room has its own shower and lavatory. Comfortable areas are set aside for social activities and relaxation, as well as private study. The two canteens are supervised by a nutritionist.