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5 reasons to choose us !

1.International Education Awards

Haileybury International School is the only international school in China that won Australia-China Achievement Award.

2. Close Ties to World Famous Universities

Chinese senior high school students will obtain Australian student status through school apply , and the world famous universities provide entry for qualified Haileybury graduates. 

3. The Haileybury Experience

Through its small classes, Haileybury pays attention to each individual student through every stage of learning. The four key aspects of the Haileybury experience are: small classes, caring boarding program, full immersion in bilingual education and wide use of information technology and e-Learning.

4. A convenient way for Chinese students to university

Compared with the IB and A-level courses, VCE can provide greater advantages and a higher success rate for Chinese students. Government-backed and authorized directly by the VCAA, Haileybury is the successful school providing a VCE education by the VCE teaching experience, significant effect.

5.Teaching Staff and Facilities

The teacher team screened by Australian Haileybury school, the teacher is required by the strict selection and evaluation system of Australia, with the domestic teachers together provide services to students.

Admission information


6-18 year old students

Good health, no physical defects or psychological disease;

Excellent in character and learning is preferred;

Admission process


The formal application form a (get from admissions office );

Health Certificate;

A valid proof of identity (identity card, residence booklet or passport photocopy);

The school report card, graduation card original and photocopy;

Student resume (self introduction, awarded certificates and Awards).