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Bulletin 4, Week 9, Semester 1, 2019-2020




Dear primary school parents and families.


We have reached the half way mark of this first semester and what an amazing and exciting journey it has been! A parent-teacher meeting was held on the 25th of October. Parent teacher meetings are conducted in Australia and our parents were invited to speak to their homeroom teachers and their core subject teachers concerning the progress of their children. With the mid-semester exams and half of the semester completed, teachers were able to holistically convey student progress to parents. Teachers took the opportunity to show student work from assessments, exercise books and workbooks to parents. They also detailed to parents on how they can assist their children with their studies. Judging by the cordial and frank conversations which were had on the day, it is safe to say that many parents were very pleased with the progress of their children and by the education provided by the school. We will continue to listen to the suggestions and advice given by our parents, and we look forward to collaborating and cooperating with you to ensure that your child continues to improve every day.



Primary school English teacher Mr. Brodi Craddock spoke to parents with the assistance of translator Ms. Mint Mao


Primary school English teacher Mr. Nathan Williamson spoke to parents with the assistance of translator Ms. Julie Gu


Primary school English teacher Mr. Daniil Konev spoke to parents with the assistance of translator Ms. Cherry Wang


Primary school English teacher Mr. Saul Rosenfield spoke to parents with the assistance of translator Ms. Doris Li


Primary school Chinese teacher Ms. Yoyo Gao spoke to parents at the parent-teacher conference

Besides the regular English classes that our students receive each week, a new English teaching and learning initiative has been set up at Haileybury known as the English resource program. The program seeks to provide intensive English support to students so that more can be learnt in a shorter amount of time. Head of Junior school English, Ms. Cheryl Mckenna, is coordinating the program and Ms. Cara Suski and Ms. Sargsyan are the two English resource teachers in primary school. The program uses specially selected English materials and is taught in a small group arrangement to provide a greater amount of assistance to our students. The inaugural lesson occurred on the 14th of October. Our two teachers have commented that the students have responded positively and that they have been working hard in these first two weeks. At Haileybury, we are continually finding new ways to meet the individual needs of our students because every child matters every day.

我们的学生每周都有定期的英语课,此外,我们在黑利伯瑞建立了一个新的英语教学项目,称为英语资源项目。该计划旨在为学生们提供在英语方面的强化的支持,以便在更短的时间内学习更多的英语知识。英语主任Cheryl Mckenna女士正在协调该项目,Cara 老师和 Olivia老师是小学的两位英语资源老师。该课程采用精选的英语教材,并以小组形式授课,旨在为学生提供更多的帮助。第一节课于10月14日开始。我们的两位老师反应学生们表现积极,前两周他们一直在努力学习。在黑利伯瑞,我们不断地寻找新的方法来满足学生的个人需求,因为每个孩子的每一天都很重要。


Ryan Zhang, Tom Qing and Marvel Zhao (2 yellow) have intensive English classes with Ms. Olivia Sargsyan


Stacy Du, Max Zou, Daniel Huang and Jessen Liu (year 5) have intensive English classes with Ms. Cara Suski

On Wednesday the 16th of October, the primary school participated in a whole school fire drill. Fire safety is something that we don’t often think about but being uninformed or ill-prepared can result in some very disastrous consequences. Fire disasters cause the deaths of many people every year. Moreover, many billions of yuan are lost due to fire damage each year.  The whole school participated in this fire drill and it only took a short amount of time for the whole primary school to evacuate onto the school oval. It was pleasing to see many students taking the fire drill seriously as they were seen running to the evacuation spot in a brace position. We hope we never have to encounter a serious disaster at our school but with regular disaster prevention drills taking place at our school each year, we trust our school will be ready even when disaster strikes.



Students evacuated safely with their classes to the evacuation point

Mr. Eric Xu checked that everyone was accounted for (seen here with Jack Hou from year 6) (file footage from last year)

On the morning of Tuesday the 22nd of October, every primary school student participated in a physical examination which was held in the school gymnasium. ‘A healthy body is the capital for revolution’ is a well-known Chinese idiom. It speaks of the necessity of maintaining a healthy body as a prerequisite for accomplishing any meaningful work. Our students participated in various physical tests and measurements such as eyesight, height, weight, and lung capacity. At Haileybury, we believe maintaining a healthy body is critically important if students are going to excel in their academic studies. Results from the physical examinations will be available soon so please contact your homeroom teacher for more information.



Hubert Piao (1 Yellow) had his lung capacity measured

We are excited to announce that students from Monash University will be coming to our school again this semester to complete their teaching practicums. Monash is one of the top eight universities in Australia and is ranked 58th in the world (QS World University Rankings, 2020). Monash university has over 50,000 full time students and the collaboration between Haileybury and Monash is reflective of the high level of interest Haileybury Tianjin has garnered in Australia as well as the elite partnerships Haileybury Tianjin has forged over the last six years (Haileybury Tianjin began in 2013). Haileybury teachers will once again have the privilege and share in the responsibility of mentoring and assessing some of the brightest and most talented university students from Australia. We will wish the student teachers every success when they embark on the exciting but also challenging task of imparting English language proficiency to Chinese students in China.



Monash university is one of Australia’s best universities and Monash students will be completing their teaching practicums at our school


Monash university students have been completing their practicums at Haileybury Tianjin for many years


Out of all of the universities in the whole world, Monash university is ranked 58th (QS World University Rankings,2020)

Every child is unique, and every person has far-reaching potential. This week, Elsa Huang (3 Green) would like to share with everyone why she feels she is unique:

Hello, everyone. I'm Elsa Huang from the 3 Green class. I am a lively and cheerful girl. I have a lot of good friends and I like to play with them after school. I dare to try. I dare to challenge myself. I also have lots of interests. I like roller skating, horse riding, painting and fashion design. I feel brave when I ride horses and I love to draw. Look! I am pretty in the clothes that I have made. I believe that beautiful things will make our world better! At school, I am a good student and I care about my class. I always finish my work quickly and correctly. I love my class and I love to help my teachers!

每个孩子都是独一无二的,每个人都有无限的潜力。本周,黄怡宁(3 Green班)想和大家分享她为什么觉得自己是独一无二的。大家好,我是来自3 Green班的Elsa黄怡宁。





Elsa Huang likes to help her class and her teachers


Elsa Huang enjoys horse riding

William Fang M.Ed, B.A/B.Ed, Grad Dip Ed. (Primary)

方士铨  (教育硕士,文学士/教育学士,教育研究生(小学))

English Curriculum Coordinator - Primary School (Upper Primary)

Haileybury Tianjin International School