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Bulletin 3, 2020-2021 


公告3, 2020-2021


Dear primary school parents and families,


Teaching is not only a technology, but also an art. Its technicality and artistry are reflected in the basic teaching skills of teachers, especially in the aspects of "speaking, writing, painting and acting". Teachers' basic skills directly affect teaching efficiency and teaching performance. In October, Primary School held the "Competition on Basic Skills of Classroom Teaching for Young Teachers of Art, Science, Music and PE". The competition was carefully planned and arranged. The teachers took it seriously, prepared carefully and took part in it enthusiastically. The whole competition process was rigorous and orderly, efficient and pragmatic, open and fair. At the end of October, director Mr. Xu and director Ms. Rosie Jiang presented awards to the teachers.



The weekly school assembly is a good time for students to learn moral knowledge and show their English ability. Good behavior and learning habits will greatly improve learning efficiency. In recent school assemblies, students have studied the classroom and campus code of conduct. Director Mr. Eric Xu asked one of the students to step onto the stage to demonstrate the classroom behavior standards. At the English school assembly, the students learned about marine animals. Do you remember how to say penguin, walrus, polar bear, beluga, arctic fox, arctic wolf, mermaid, dolphin, seal, sea lion in English? At another school assembly, Mr. Fang told a fable in English “The Fox and the Stork”, which taught us not to be greedy in life, to be fair and to be friendly to people. Ms. Zhu invited some students from grade 1-6 to dub English on the spot and showed them their work right after the dubbing. In order to encourage the students to continue to adhere to English reading and dubbing. Hulk and Jennifer, the English captains, chose the best performance class on the spot. Finally, class 3 Green won the football with their excellent performance!




Children's drama and stage performance are of great significance to children's confidence growth, talent performance and interaction with peers. The annual English Literature and Drama Festival was held as scheduled. Students chose literary and dramatic characters to dress up. Some students in grade one, two and three wore their self-made red and white striped hats to dress up as The Cat In A Hat. The 2 Green class dressed up as Peter Pan and the mermaid. In the third grade, some students dressed up as characters from different schools of Harry Potter. The grade 4 students dressed up as the characters of "The Minion " and "Zootopia". The grade five students dressed up as people, animals, plants and Pikachu in the rainforest. The sixth graders dressed up as the clowns in Batman and hip-hop dancers. In addition to their costumes, the English speech and performances of each class also left a deep impression on all the teachers and judges.

How can teachers miss such a lively performance? Look, our teachers are all dressed up on the stage. Ms. Li is dressed up as little Red Riding Hood. Ms. Fang is dressed up as Cinderella. Ms. Li is dressed up as a mermaid. Ms. Wang and Ms. Zhou are dressed up as beautiful princesses. Ms. Wang is dressed up as Snow White. Ms. Xue is dressed up as a cute pink pig. Mr. Ju is dressed up as a cow. Ms. Lin is dressed up as a giraffe. Mr. Xu is dressed up as a baboon. Mr. Jia,Ms. Zhang and Ms. Sun are dressed up as rabbits. Ms. Ren and Mr. He are dressed up as dinosaurs. Ms. Wei is dressed up as a tiger. Ms. Zhu is dressed up as Pikachu. Ms. Han is dressed up as a shark. Ms. Yang and Ms. Jiang are dressed up as crabs. Mr. Xu is dressed up as a dragon. Mr. Ricky is dressed up as a minion, Ms. Beth is dressed up as The Cat in the Hat. Mr. W is dressed up as Gandalf, a character from Lord of the Rings. Ms. Beth and Mr. W made their own costumes personally.

Through this activity, students can have a better experience of drama characters and increase their experience in performing in English. Looking forward to next year's Literature and Drama Festival, students will return to the wonderful English performance, costume display and wonderful performance!


如此热闹的表演,老师们怎么能错过呢?瞧,我们的老师们也都盛装走上了舞台。李老师扮演的是小红帽,方老师扮演的是灰姑娘,李老师扮演的是小红帽,王老师扮演的是美人鱼,另外一位王老师扮演的是白雪公主,周老师扮演的是公主。薛老师扮演的是可爱的粉红小猪,琚老师扮演的是牛,林老师扮演的是长颈鹿,美术徐老师扮演的是狒狒,贾老师、张老师和孙老师扮演的是可爱的小兔子,任老师和何老师扮演的是恐龙,魏老师扮演的是老虎,朱老师扮演的是皮卡丘,韩老师扮演的是鲨鱼,杨老师和姜主任扮演的是螃蟹,徐主任扮演的是龙,Mr. W扮演的是《魔戒》中的甘道夫。Mr. Ricky扮演的是小黄人,Ms. Beth扮演的是戴帽子的猫。Mr. W和Ms. Beth的服装可是他们一针一针自己缝的。






Science class enables students to understand the specific methods and skills of scientific inquiry through students' personal experience and hands-on brain activity, try to solve problems in life with scientific methods and scientific knowledge, cultivate scientific attitude in problem solving, and strengthen communication.

Haileybury's science course really starts from students' life, which is in line with childlike innocence and interest. It provides students with a lot of opportunities for personal experience and urges them to participate in and explore on their own initiative and gain something from participation and exploration. At the same time, it organically combines inquiry learning, experiential learning, cooperative learning and autonomous learning to promote the diversification of students' learning methods. At the same time, the scientific spirit of respecting facts, daring to explore and question was cultivated in the process of activities.

In the first, second and third grade, science teacher Mr. Ju successively carried out such projects as planting Mimosa, observing the moon with astronomical telescope, learning astronomical knowledge, and studying why the triangle is more stable. In the process of learning, students not only understand the relevant knowledge, but also personally experience the science curriculum integrating science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Cultivating students' inquiry ability and promoting their complete development.

Ms. Xue led year 4,5,6 students to assemble all kinds of vehicles by themselves. This activity integrates the relevant knowledge that students have learned and designs a series of transportation experiments from the perspectives of electricity, aesthetics and dynamics. In the experiment, the students not only improve their hands-on ability and sense of teamwork, but also learn the scientific inquiry methods of raising questions, making assumptions, designing experiments, doing experiments, summarizing experiments and drawing conclusions. In the process of the experiment, the students have success and failure. After the failure of the experiment, the students look for the reasons for the failure of the experiment, study the method to solve the problem, comprehensively analyze the power supply, wire, motor, gear, and finally form a perfect work.









Emotions and feelings are the human experience of the changes of internal and external environment, both of which are the reflection of human brain to objective things. Emotion and feeling are both inner experience and psychological experience. Emotion is the concrete form and direct experience of feeling, and feeling is the generalization of emotional experience.

Primary school students learn to correctly identify their own and other people's emotions and feelings for their physical and mental growth is very meaningful. Recently, Ms. Miao, the psychological teacher of Haileybury, has launched a psychological theme activity called Emotions and Feelings for the students of grade three and four. At the scene, Ms. Miao asked the students to summarize and classify different emotions through the corresponding activities of pictures and words and asked why they were classified so as to make the students understand the reasons behind the emotions. After that, Ms. Miao listed several scenes about emotion for the students to analyze.

Through this activity, students will have a further understanding of their own and others' emotions and feelings, and will better handle the emotional and feeling related problems encountered in the future learning and life process.






As the saying goes, "Knowledge makes you look taller, books can influence a person for a long time". Gorky once said that "books are the ladder of human progress". Learning any language requires a lot of reading. Learning English also requires a lot of reading. Today, Ms. Zhu's bilingual story is "The Bug and the Pup". Hope you like it and please stick to English reading.


As the saying goes: "The fist does not leave the hand, the melody does not leave the mouth." The boxer needs to practice his moves and a singer needs to practice his voice every day. We should also insist on reading English aloud when we study English. As long as we insist on reading English and persevere, we can speak fluent English. Today, we have the honor to hear some excellent English dubbing works from the students of grade one, two and three. Their dubbers are from grade one, two and three: Jessie, Xinyue, Sophia, Joey, Emily, Kris, Eason, Maggie, Colin. Thanks to them! I hope more students will insist on reading English and your works will be heard by more people!

俗语说:“拳不离手,曲不离口。”拳师每天要练拳,歌手每天要练嗓子。我们学习英语也要坚持朗读英语,只要坚持朗读英语,持之以恒,就能说出一口流利的英语。今天,我们有幸听到来自一二三年级同学们的部分优秀英文朗读趣味配音作品。他们的配音者分别是一二三年级的:Jessie, Xinyue, Sophia, Joey, Emily, Kris, Eason, Maggie, Colin。感谢他们!期待更多的同学坚持英语朗读,也期待你的作品被更多的人听到!

Written by Ms. Barbara Zhu. 


Assisted by Mr. Patrick Alan Burkhardt

协助者:Mr. Patrick Alan Burkhardt老师 


Haileybury School